Wills etc

04/24/2012 - 03:40

Can someone help do you need a will in Italy to ensure that the children get an equal share in property and monies you have in italy or is it automatically shared. Would a hand written will do? Is there a law in Italy that deems all assets are shared with in surviving children?



There is a group we have going on Italymag to discuss succession issues. There is never a simple answer, everyone's situation is different. It also depends where your property and assets are situated, as you could face different laws applying in each country. In your case, if you are married your wife would also share in your estate. The current Italian law states that your succession is regulated by your national law, but English law states that your immoveable property is governed by the law of the place it is situated and your moveable property is governed by the law of your "domicile".  Its a good idea to write a will to be clear on what goes to who. You can do this with a Notary in Italy, or write a holographic will or an English form will. Charlotte