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05/04/2012 - 11:26

I'm in a muddle! I had no idea about ICI and have been sent invoices to pay at the Post Office for years 2007 - 2010. No problem now I know what it is. My problem is 2011. I haven't received an invoice and therefore don't know how much it is or how to pay it. I could wait until next year when they will add interest and send me an invoice for the PO again. I went to the Comune on my last Visit (not resident) who simply directed me to the PO. As I didn't know what was going on it has taken me until now to understand. Should I receive an annual statement or am I being naive? It's not a huge amount but I think they need it! Thanks Jacki



You will need to calculate the taxes yourself if you can't get to the comune for them to help you. You can pay someone to do it for you - there are ads on this site. If you have the info you can calculate the 2011 ICI yourself. Use one of the on line calculators .... http://www.dossier.net/guida/calcola.htm IMU for 2012 changes the rules though the basic calculation still uses the rendita for the property and you will see an increase in your contrbution. My comune directed me to this calculator .... http://servizi.egaspari.it/imu/schede.aspx Something of a surprise for us was that we no longer pay tax for our land as it is within a designated  mountain comune (at least I think that was the explanation) Hope this is helpful.

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I believe you need to use the form F24 to pay IMU. The trick is to find the right account into which to pay! Having paid ICI diligently for 6 years via our internet BancoPoste account (links you directly to the assumed correct ICI account) our helpful Comune told us last week that the account is way out of date! Anyway they sorted this out and then offered to email  the IMU calculation to us with the F24 etc when it is due for payment. Very obliging and dispelled somewhat our initial worry that they recognised us by name when we appeared at the desk and asked for help - eek we thought, what are we in for???

.....everyone for your help.  Armed with more information, I'm going to the comune in 2 weeks to get it sorted.  Will enlist the services of friend Massimo who will do just about anything for home made cake!  Thanks again. Jacki

We are back from Bagni di Lucca and it was an ordeal to pay the first "rata" of the IMU (payment for the second one is not accepted at this stage. We had to consult with four different people, including Council. We already had our "Rendita Catastale" sorted out and we thought that it was going to be a piece of cake.... Anyway, sorted out, but it was an ordeal. I heard on RAI radio that there was so much confusion over the issue that the Agenzia was considering not to fine those who make an honest mistake..... Why can't they send us a bill stating how much is due? Anyway, I heard this joke on an Italian radio program: If you are an honest citizen and you do pay all your taxes, when you die... do you go to a "tax heaven" (paradiso fiscale)?