Second hand car prices

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05/26/2012 - 18:45

Are daft in Italy


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yes, are in fact more expensive in general than in the UK or Germany.One possibility is to buy a LEFT HAND DRIVE car in the UK/BELGUIM/GERMANY bring it to italy and get it re registered here. It is also true that until recently automatic geared cars were quite uncommon in Italy with the exception of the very top end of the scale as many,including myself have issues with automatics.Now it's a little more common to find mid/lower level cars with automatic gears. Having said the the recession and high tax pressure is leading to a glut of second hand cars especially upper market models (automatics) especially big quite new mercs and audi's which can be found at good prices for quite new cars ( apparently many are being sold back in germany (?!) so the prices can't be that bad.While small versatile cars especially with alternative fuel engines ( methane/gas etc) hold quite a premium price. Thats the picture.

I agree - but one good thing is that a new car doesn't virtually halve in value once you drive it out of the showroom, which happens in the UK. Another good reason for s/h cars being more expensive is that they do seem to stay in much better condition in Italy than they do in the UK (almost no salt on the roads). I wonder if this is different nearer to the coasts - do cars go rusty there? Then there is the 'tax'which you have to pay on change of ownership - typically around 500 Euros: I think this has a major dampening effect on the volume in the s/h market - people think twice about buying a used car, and a market with relatively few transactions doesn't have the incentive to be very competitive. Be aware that if you buy s/h LHD in the UK (and want to register it on IT plates) do make sure it is completely European spec (kilometers on the speedo etc, the right lights and mirrors) or the motorizzazione might make a fuss, and you have to pay the çhange of ownership tax on import even though you're 'selling'it to yourself!

Generally speaking Second hand Car prices are higher than the UK, but they do tend to hold their value better. Also you have to include the charge for getting the paperwork sorted as you have to get a verified Bill of sale, and a certificate of ownership ( details here ) all which adds about €500 to the cost. But remember you can haggle, we recently bought a second hand Smart Car from a dealer and got the transfer fees and a years warranty and breakdown cover included, plus €300 off the price : times are bad for them as well so a sale is preferable to having a car sat on the forecourt for months. Then you have the joys of expensive insurance which is another matter.

"what do the English pay to their government when they sell or buy a car?" If it's a private sale - Nothing.              Selling to a dealer/garage - Nothing.             Buying through a dealer/garage - nothing, but the dealer/garage pays tax