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06/07/2012 - 12:56

I think we might end up moving some of our possessions in a piecemeal fashion and I am wondering if anyone knows the cheapest way of sending biggish boxes to Italy? I saw the Italy 'Man with a Van' suggestions which is £170 M2 and wondered what peoples' experiences were of using a courier or part load international removal service and how this weighs up with us remving seats and loading up our VW Sharan and doing a DIY job! We are an hour from Rome near Rieti and the very last 500m is a strada bianca - not too bad but you couldn't get a huge truck down it I imagine!



We moved all our stuff with parcel to go, which came by DHL and Parcelforce. £30 per box. In 3 days... It was a few years ago, but was very satisfactory. The bigger items my husband drove a hired mini van down and back to uk.

We hired a large transit from Europacar and drove it from the London area to Toscana.  The rest we are bringing in dribs and drabs in the back of our Toyota Rav.  Amazing what you can get in the back if you need to.

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Hello Molinello, Did you manage to get a one-way hire from UK to Tuscany? I can't even find a one-way hire from London to Edinburgh let alone Italy! Best of luck with the move!    

No, we rented it for a week unpacked, sorted it all out and then drove it back to London.  I cannot remember the cost but we were surprised how cheap it was at the time.

We have just used to bring over some stuff for my son.  You basically input what you want and get quotes.  We brought over a double sofa bed, large flat screen tv and 5 large boxes (each H54,W44,D44.6cm - Argos) and we paid €420.  The best quote came from Tomas who was doing other deliveries and collections and regularly comes back and forth across Europe.  Certainly was very impressed with Tomas.

Don't rule out "Mailboxes Etc" which is an extension I believe of FedEx in Italy. I recently sent things by courier from Umbria to Puglia and it cost me ALOT, then I did the next shipment with Mailboxes and it cost "nothing":!they even came a picked up and packed it all.