Hay Fever and dogs

06/09/2012 - 15:36

I have a 12 yr old dog, lurcher. His breathing pattern has changed when we go for our early morning walk, (at a very gentle pace). He wheezes, puffs and snorts....all very distressing. First I put it down to 'old age' but am now wondering if he has a form of elderly onset 'Hay Fever' as there is so much pollen about... Has anyone else experienced this with their furry friends ?


He may have a grass seed either in his nose or stuck at the back of his throat, maybe a trip to the Vets is on the cards, as I've never heard of dogs with hay/pollen fever.

Have had a quick google around Angie, and it seems dogs and other animals can be affected by pollens, it is suggested a saline spray up their nose (that should be well received) and a light sponging of the coat to remove dust and pollen residue. But if in doubt a quick trip to the vet is always advisable.

I definitely second what Flip said. My dog had a grass seed up his nose and was snorting and snuffling and eventually started sneezing blood. It is very dangerous as they work their way up the nasal passage towards the brain. The vet had a very hard time getting it out but managed in the end. Better to be safe than sorry and this is the time of year for the horrible things.

Thank you Penny; as I said a quick trip to the Vets could save you a lot of misery in the long run. Our neighbours dog had these symptons (snorting, wheezing etc) which was a seed and that's why I said have a vet take a look, as if a dog of 12 has never exhibited problems like this before it is hardly likely to be an alergy after all this time. Luckily our 3 dogs only suffer from ticks at the moment. I would always trust my dogs health to a vet rather than a search engine anyday !!

Thank you all  for advice.  He has in the past had many a grass seed stuck up his long, distinguished lovely nose and has always managed to snort / sneeze them out.  When at rest his breathing is normal but on exertion very laboured.  Will, out of interest google around pollen alergys in animals, thanks for that Angie and get him examined by the excellent, clever vet.

has had a restful couple of days (with little signs of distress) ....phew...Off to vets tomorow pm for another inspection !  Thank you Badger for your reply and to every one else, these furry friends can be such a worry...will report back.

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Sorry I have not replied sooner but he (Dylano) and me getting forgetful in our 'old age'.  Vet has diagnosed this as the problem, no grass seed to be found...So from now on we have shortened our daily walks, take them even earlier...due to the heat and have plenty of naps....

....So from now on we have shortened our daily walks, take them even earlier...due to the heat and have plenty of naps.... Is that for your benefit as well??   Seriuosly though, I hope Dylano's health improves; it's no fun for an old dog this time of year I know 2 of our Labs are puffing like a steam engine when we get back from our morning walk, we now set out a 6.30 to avoid the heat, as it's getting up to 39 here somedays.