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06/11/2012 - 11:48

Hello allI'm wondering if anyone is aware of any WiFi Hotspot facilities in Southern Marche? My house is near to Comunanza and we are currently unable to get anything like Getby at our place (no signal). I will try to summon the enthusiasm to look into getting a phoneline (might be some time before I feel brave enough to try though!) but in the meantime, I am coming over shortly and while continuous internet access seems impossible at the moment, it would be very helpful to be able to go somewhere for a coffee and keep up to date with everything back in Blighty!Does anyone know of such a place? Or an internet cafe where you pay? In places such as Comunanza, Force, Montelparo, Ascoli Piceno, Santa Vittoria etc..... Thanks everyone.



There is an Internet point in The Game in Comunanza - just off the roundabout heading down the Valdaso. Otherwise Casa del Gelato in Amandola has a Wifi point (have to pay) or The Game II in tha piazza in Amandola has PC's you can use.

We are in Toscana in the mountains, where we can hardly use our mobile.  We have to stand outside in the open, wave it around and hope for the best.  But, we have just bought an Italian dongle linked it up to a router from England,and  got a good deal from Wind - 15 euros a month for two years unlimited access to broadband.  To our surprise we get fantastic reception, so now we use it to skype.  We have had it since April and no bother at all.  We just have to remember to  top the card up each month with cash, but you can pay in advance.  We still cannot use our mobile properly, so I do not know what the difference is.  But it is great having unlimited broadband to catch up on everything.

Penny That's really helpful info - thank you. In Game in Comunanza is it free or charged and do you have to use their PC or could I take my Ipad and connect wirelessly? I think I may well look into the dongle thing in the longer term. I don't have a clue about how they work though so need to do some research first! Thanks again

Go to 'l'arte del gusto' in Piana di Falerone, on the main SP into Servigliano(near to the fish shop)......he (Fabio) has it there. AND................. have lunch there (not free !) ask for a pasta and behold......very very good ! (well I think so !) Good luck, S

Now then Angie (or is it Robert !)..........no need for sarcasm OR.......you must have been sitting a LONG way away !! From a distance, and if the light is right ( angry )...........maybe............ , a long time ago !! S