Euro 2012

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06/24/2012 - 15:15



  I can not decide whether the lack of response to my post is because there is no one here interested in soccer, no one interested in Italy or just no one interested in this forum. Italy is in the final.  So I shout alone, FORZA ITALIA!!!

Rickardo............. We europeans know 'soccer' as 'football' (!)..............and you will not be alone in shouting FORZA ITALIA!!!! I will be with you all the way, The game itself will be very tough as I think Spain are the stronger side (particularly as individuals) and, with the shock of Italy's win over the Germans, the Spanish will be 'well up for it' ( a technical turn of phrase !). FORZA ITALIA !!!   cool S

As a non-football fan    [- I used to prefer Rugby Union until it got too professional, but these days I do enjoy the speed of play in Rugby League]   I would like to say how blown away I was by the speed and accuracy of the Spanish passing game. Italy did little wrong [to my untutored eye], indeed they played some good football [when they got the ball], and they well deserved to be in the Final, but Spain were fantastic, in a league of their own If only British football could be half as good

  First I am called a schizophrenic, now I am American!!!I ask why people, or person, think I am American and why it is needed to prejudge what I post by assuming information of me? I am a member of this “Community” the same as all.

The statement was not addressed to you .... it was addressed to Gala, as I thought she was American not Spanish. You can return to feeling persecuted and paranoid ( I hear wrapping tin foil around your head helps)   wink

  OK, I made a mistake and did not read the title of your post. My post was in response to ESME but thank you for taking the time to explain. Your final sentence was quite unnecessary and is the reason why I am a little paranoid on this unpleasant forum. Do you know about the tin foil because you have tried it yourself? Obviously it is unsuccessful in your case.

join 'em? Ric - Flip doesn't cowtow to the mass pressure of mob mentality as others do.  I dunno who called you a schizophrenic - nor do I care - but don't prove whoever it was as being correct - we have way too many nutters here as it is. wink