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4 years into being self-employed and my husband's Accountant announced he should be paying INAIL. Claimed it wouldn't be very much. Just received a demand for €4,903.00 of which €1,700.00 is interest and charges going back to 2008. Payment to be made by 16th August 2012. Accountant at fault for not letting us know about this but no doubt we will have to cough up the charges and bill - hopefully we can ask for longer than 3 weeks to pay it. Seems bizzarre back paying an insurance - anyone had any experience of this? Not happy!!



Inail,is one of ( the many entities) around which taxation and social security rotates.They, evidently judging from the amount involved are  claiming the back payment of arrears ( INPS payments) which started when your husband became self employed and cover health/social security and pensions.These payments are (of course) obbligatory ( not considered as taxes as such) and are "usually" paid in three or four installments per annum,depending on your category of work.It is definitely your commercialista who is at fault in that he should have created your INPS/INAIL position when you started your self employment.There is nothing much you can do except make some kind of ricorso thru the commercialista to at least reduce the "fine/s interest" part of the payment...but don't wait too long these things in Italy are a bit like cancer ...they only get worse if left...

INAIL is insurance for people who don't have employers insurance, unemployed, self employed, housewifes etc. it is very inexpensive 12.91 euro this year and more lower before. For the two of you over five years the cost would be under 120 euro, so what you are being asked is very much. You should check this

Sebastiano my husband has paid INPS every quarter from day one thus assumed everything was as it should be.  The amount of INPS he pays has gradually increased each year but is around  €900 per quarter.  This INAIL is on top of that!!!  We were surprised at the extremely high cost and about €1700 of it is charges.  It appears that the annual cost is around €600.  A lot more than the amounts quoted by Rickardo which we could cope with.  We have given the demand to his Accountant to deal with.  Thank you both for your replies.

Rickardo - the price you quote is for housewif/husband's cover only. If you are an employer or self-employed then it will be higher. You've started me thinking now as to whether I have to pay it. If I find any info I'll let you know Karen.

If you look at the document that INPS sends you every year saying how much you need to pay each quarter, at the top there should be a line that says 'Infortuni'. This is the amount your husband has been paying to INAIL. I am a registered farmer and I checked my figures against what I should be paying and it is correct. Now, if your husband employs anyone then I believe he will have to pay for them too as he should be submitting a return saying what he has paid his employees. The INAIL site does have info in English here: I found a good document detailing what a Coltivatori Diretto or IAP has to pay. If your husband has some other job then tell me what and I will see if I can find an equivalent. If your husband earnt more than the minimum (2011 was €14930) then INAIL etc was due on anything above that at a rate of 21.3% if he is an artigianale (20.3% or 17.3% if he is a Coltivatori Diretto). Could this be the difference they are claiming? Either way sounds like the accountant is at fault as s/he should have declared it.

Thanks Penny.  Nothing has been paid to INAIL as we did not know about it.  Assumed INPS was like English NI and the only obligatory payment outside of tax and the €88/year to chamber of commerce.  He doesn't employ anyone and was originally classed as a builder but the accountant changed him to a gardener as that is what he has been doing for the past 4 years. Not sure if the change is retrospective or just from this point.

Sorry - I don't know if I was being clear but the INAIL is paid as part of my INPS payments. I don;t pay it separately. On the back of the document from INPS you will find the line that says 'Infortuni'. It's not very clear but that is INAIL. Do you mean his is blank/zero?

i apologize if i mistook your question as missing inps payments but like Penny our INAIL payments for me and my wife and our employees are taken,like Penny ,directly on our INPS payments.i still think that the commercialista should have followed this better it may be to do with some particular INAIL system regarding muratori ...( which you mentioned your oh used to be)..

Penny I have looked at the INPS paperwork for the last 2 years and there is no section for Infortuni - maybe it is only on certain professional classifications.  Reading your link to the INAIL site it suggests only compulsory for certain works (farming and dangerous)  and if have employees - maybe this follows through on the INPS paperwork!  The INPS paperwork has John classified "Artigiani". John's Accountant has just e-mailed me to say the bill is correct and we have to pay it!  I am not convinced he is correct and certainly his mistake has generated this sizeable bill, with fines and interest.  I wonder why we pay for professional advice!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  The amount has increased each year and this years payment is €730.  €61 per month would buy a lot of income protection in the UK so seems steep.  This also makes INPS damn expensive if doesn't include this element of National Insurance.  Such an upward struggle all the time here to be legit - no wonder so many people don't bother declaring their income :-(  Seriously considering going for the "Good Life" - got the garden and the chickens - not sure about pigs and goats maybe we'll go vegetarian.

Karen, I'd be furious with the accountant! You can appeal you know but there needs to be a reason. You can also ask for time to pay in instalments. My INPS form (the one that lists how much to pay and when) has lots of items listed that have no value in so I presume it is a standard document. If you would like to send me your email address I will scan in mine, mark it and you can see where I mean. It is such a lot of money it must be worth a second look. indecision The amounts sounds about right. I don't believe your accountant either. Can you go to one of the unions and ask them to check for you? I have always found them very, very helpful. You could try They all have their own accountants too who could check all your paperwork. generally speaking they tend to be a LOT cheaper than a regular accountant. I was paying around €800-900 a year and will now pay €190 a year via one of the the farming unions and it only cost €10 to join. I wish I'd figured that out earlier!!

I pay INAIL as I employ someone.  But - I get a bill from the Camera di Commercio telling me how much it is, and its nowhere near what you pay - its between 90 and 160 euros pa, and is - as fara s I can make out - for insurance cover for my employee while at work.  Its separate to INPS because its billed by the CCIAA even though its under the INPS heading - ie billed by teh CCIAA but paid to INPS.  Have you tried contacting your CCIAA? It may be so much because being a farmer is a high risk job - but it does seem a huge amount to me. 

Husband has gone to INAIL office in Ascoli with his Accountant (been better without him I think) and has been told he has got to pay this.  He is classed as Artigiani and apparently this is the going rate!!  Doesn't matter what he did or did not earn or the massive amount of INPS paid.  We now have to ask permission to spread payments over a maximum of 24 months and pay retrospectively for insurance (isn't that an oxymoron) we can't claim restrospectively though!!  Husband had an operation in 2009 and wasn't able to work for more than 3 months; we have all the documentation to prove it but still he is being told he can't make a claim though we have to pay for the insurance.   This is all totally beyond belief.  Penny couldn't get a message to you - tried a number of times;my e-mail address is Changing subject slightly - does anyone know what the criteria and implications of being a "farmer" is?  This is the latest suggestion from the Accountant from hell!