Machinery / tool hire Marche region?

07/19/2012 - 09:54

Does anyone know of machinery / tool hire co's here, preferably near Sarnano / Piane di Falerone, Amandola ?


If you have your back to the shopping centre; Decathlon to your left, exit straight on out of the complex to the main road. Ahead you'll see a large new building called Forum. At the Stop turn right and the hire place is about 400 metres on your right just past a builder's merchant. Not sure quite what they hire out, and also bear in mind we are approaching traditional holiday close down period.

It depends on what you want to hire. There is Pascucci's in Comunanza - just before you get into the town coming from Amandola. You will see big cranes and other equipment set higher up on your left just after a big bend. Or else there is Mattioli just past Girasole shopping centre on the Fermo road going towards Fermo and immediately after the big roundabout on your left on the bend - you'll see some small truck and general building stuff sitting outside. Neither rent things like hand tools but do rent sand-blasters etc.