Boundaries being reset ?

07/21/2012 - 11:25

Does anybody know more about this ?SReform of Italy: "40 provinces, 10 metropolitan areas"Rome - More than half of the Italian provinces are going to be cut and 10 metropolitan areas introduced. These are the changes envisaged for Italy's territorial map thanks to the reorganization decided by the Government in line with the spending review. Minister Patroni Griffi explained that the restructuring "singles out areas with at least 320,000 inhabitants and a surface area of at least 2,500 sq km as the new territorial groupings to be created, whose dimensions can in no way be any smaller than the above requirements". "This - Minister Patroni Griffi explained - constitutes the second phase in the reform already outlined in the spending review: sizing criteria have been singled out on the basis of which all the provinces will have to be reorganized. Now - he added - a consultation is opened with the Councils of all the local Administrations and Regions and the final phase of this process will be finalized with a legislative provision implementing the complex reorganization of the local Administrations throughout the national territory". . .


This reduction in the number of provinces has been approved, but now what is anticipated is that the regions will mess about with their provincial boundaries in an attempt to keep as many provinces as possible! It's all good fun in Umbria - where the province of Terni could be eliminated, leaving Umbria with only one province (Perugia). Terni wants to link up with Spoleto (which is prov PG) and Orvieto (TR) and nip off into Lazio, because they hate Perugia. Perugia fears that if Umbria ends up with one single province then they'll scrap that anyway, because it duplicates the regional offices. Basilicata is in the same position, since it too will end up with one single province. I think that the suggestion (which wasn't approved when it was proposed a couple of years ago) that provinces should be killed off entirely has a lot of merit - but unsurprisingly the politicians who get paid for sitting on provincial councils don't agree with me, so it'll never happen. My guess is that the best case scenario (for people who share my opinion) is that throughout Italy we will lose about ten provinces. The provinces deal with transport and some of the road infrastructure (that which isn't under the national umbrella of ANAS) and that's about it: most of their other responsibilities have already been moved to comuni.

In Sicily the nine provinces will become only 4, which is annoying, as they were going to be 6.  So now, instead of amalgamating Ragusa and Siracusa, (in fact restoring it to what it was until 30 years ago) they are going to put us all under Catania - lawd hlep us - so a province with debts of more than a billion will get 2 provinces that break even - and Ct will get all hte money.    I think it should be all or nothing - ie get rid of all hte provinces, but in Sicily it would give the region even more power which it shouldnt have. 

you're right fillide..when the regions were created a few decades ago originally it was foreseen or at least assumed that the provinces would be eliminated.Unsuprisingly this did not happen as these represent places where unsuccessful candidates to parliament can be "put" rewarding their faithfullness to their political parties and where by dispensing favours to parts of the population can retain and accrue popularity for this or that political formation whilst ensuring a more than good income for their provinicial " president" who in turn will hire friends -relatives and the like for his entourage creating a vaguely dynastic kind of structure paid for by all.IF, WE'RE LUCKY,Monti may manage where others have failed to get rid of at least some of these.Based on the current parameters issued by the government in the Marche ONLY the provinces of Pesaro-Urbino and Ancona fulfil the population requirements whilst Macerata, Fermo and Ascoli Piceno do not and as things stand at the moment would be grouped together at minimum o illiminated...we'll see ..still to early to celebrate though.

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