Public outdoor swimming pools

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06/20/2012 - 08:57

Is anyone aware / know of any public outdoor swimming pools. We will be staying in Francavilla area of Abruzzo and lookin gfor a pool we can take the kids too. Of course, we will use the beach more often than not, but the kids are learning to swim and want to spend time in the pool rather than fighting the waves!Thanks in advance for any help



There is definitely a pool in Francavilla on Viale Maiella although it may only be an indoor one.  Ask as soon as you get there.  The waves however are pretty weedy.  The incline is very gentle and the waves lap gently rather than crashing onto the beach.  It's very safe for kids.  Buona permanenza!

hi ,unfortunately i'm unable to give you place names addresses because i live in the Marche. However be aware that there are often a number of pools (outdoor) which are open to the public but are privately owned and run,this is quite often the case in italy in general.They are usually much better facilities than public run pools,often bigger or more pools, green spaces, better food and beverage services,and often cleaner.I know there is a big acqua-park place in the province of Teramo probably close to Tortoreto inland from the S.S. Adriatica,otherwise ask around in town...

In La Lunigiana, we have an outside pool with an orchard (of chestnut trees) for you to have your picnic in. There is a cafe/bar that does food and drink. And the pool itself has one of those really high concrete diving boards. Further, whilst you are in the swim you can look up and take in the beautiful views of the mountains. It's a public pool and most set out for the day. It's in Villafranca in Lunigiana.

Just returned from 2 weeks in the Villafranca area, and I am sorry to say the large public pool is closed and has piles of rubish outside and weeds are taking over the entrance.  A notice says that it is being transferred to new ownership, but there is no mention that I saw when the pool might reopen.  I just hope it does for July and August, as it was marvelous.  My summer visitors loved it.  However, there is a smaller pool and two children's pools (with slide) at Villfranca Camping.  Entrance is 7 euros for the day and 4 euros after 3pm.  Beds, parasols, tables, chairs and gazeebos, included in the entrance fee.  It opened for the season last weekend.  I imagine it will get pretty crowded by August when the campers arrive in force. Does anyone have any news on what's happening with the Villafranca pool?  It will be disappointing to do without it this summer.

The lovely thing about francavilla beach and sea is there are large brakers built into the sea therefore the area you swim is similar to a pool with no waves (except in very windy days)  The beaches in this area are very sheltered and the sea is so easy to swim in..   Have a look at google maps and u can see clealy the wall breakers. We went to the beach il pirata which is off via alcione. Hope this helps ;-)