Buying Furniture in Italy new or secondhand

07/16/2012 - 12:33

Recommendations please.... Where, other than Ikea, would you advise the best place to buy good second hand or new furniture in or near western Umbria. Anyone moving and hove some for sale? I need beds, sofas, kitchen cabinets, appliances etc. The nearest Ikea is Florence, which is 150 Km away!Thanks in anticipation....



  Copa Cabana Franchsing Mercatino Usato Via Dei Filosofi, 76/N 06100 Perugia (PG)         Mercatino Compra Vendita Usato Franchising Copa Cabana Franchising Mercatino Usato Via Dei Filosofi, 76/N 06126 Perugia (PG)         Mercatino Dell'usato Tutto E Di Piu' Di Nucciarelli Maria Grazia Via Settevalli, 110 06129 Perugia (PG)         Mercatino Porta Portese Porta Portese Srl Mercatino Dell'usato Via S. Bartolomeo, 63 06135 Ponte San Giovanni - Perugia (PG)         Mercausato Via L.maccheroni, 2 06100 Perugia (PG)     Are some suggestions - Mercausato is good, and the Porta Portese (when it was in a different location) was also useful. You could also check out for places in Terni and Foligno. For new stuff, Citta di Castello has a lot of furniture makers.

Besides IKEA, for new furniture at reasonable prices have a look at Mondo Convenienza From our experience in Tuscany, some of the "mercatini" have increased their prices and are charging antique prices for below average vintage or simply second hand. Try to go to Antique and Vintage fairs in your area and mix and match as much as possible.

My favourite by far is Giorgeschi in Citta.. up the main industrial road and next door to Euronics ... Anna there is very sensible and helpful .. no silly prices. and a good range of repro and antique furniture, In particular they make credenzas with restored doors. As for sofas and beds we gave up in Italy and shipped them out from PJ's