Swap or Re-cycle it

08/04/2012 - 08:42

I know we have an Items for Sale / Free and Wanted group but it does not seem to have many postings. If anyone uses Facebook and lives in Marche area or surrounding areas, please PM me as I have started a community group called Swap or Recycle it and we now have over 60 members in less than a month with a few swaps/re-cycles happening.


childs bed, pram, fax/printer, bricks, baths, armchairs, dog cages, offers of help picking your olives in exchange for oil, grandchildren, all up for grabs for anyone in Marche area on the Swap or Re-cycle it site on FB ...If you havn't seen this posting and want to join just PM me....all welcome.....

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Glad you now know Sprostoni what mystery letters meant.... Join it and join us there....seems to be the place we all need to go to  connect....strange but true.... Mrs D