M2 cost of internal and external plastering/ intonaco

08/04/2012 - 12:14

The preventivo saga continues.... does any one have any idea of an 'average' M2 price on internal plastering comprising a scratch first coat, second coat and then fine finsih coat and then external plastering (left with a reasonably rough finish) too? Also any ideas on what might be considered a fair m2 price on sanding down the plaster's second coat - which we decided was OK as a finish rather than have the 3rd fine finish coat and also a M2 price on applying a coat of diluted 'fissativo' (PVC sealer)? Many thanks



My husband says it will depend on whether it is onto old walls or new walls (former uses more plaster) and whether it is done by hand or by machine (quicker). The price will be in your computo metrico per sqm. Otherwise you can look here: http://costi.lavorincasa.it/in/lavori-interni/intonaci/ It will give you a rough idea but obviously not the very local price.

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Thanks penny - that 'laborincasa' guide was really useful. It's good to see there is an average guide price for a final 'fine' coat of plaster of €9 something...our overall price for three layers of plaster on 40 year old tuffo walls (a 40 year old outbuilding so pretty regular) was €28. So  now we need to work out what is fair to deduct from the three layers plaster quote . It has already been suggested we can't just take off the going cost of a final layer of plastering but this just doesn't seem fair as although the builder did sand (by hand) and seal the walls with fissativo this was included in under 'decorating' in the preventivo but we still seem to be charged the full whack for the plastering....Personally i think we should just remove around €9 m2 off the €28 price. Does that seem fair to you?

Get a couple of quotes from local Builders and see what they estimate. This subject is so individual that any suggestions given here is meaningless as so many factors affect the result.