Ciao - New Member

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08/23/2012 - 14:05

I am sending greetings to the members of this community with the goal to establish new friends wherever in the world they may be. As introduction, I live in central Massachusetts and am an American. My heritage is Eastern European. Over the years, I have admired and come to know many people from different places in the world. My major in college was International Studies so I am not surprised I have discovered Italian culture and truly fallen in love. All my life, I have been surrounded by Americans of Italian heritage and have taken it for granted. The spark was Il Volo’s PBS concert in June. The concert in its entirety was remarkable. I was enchanted by Piero Barone’s performance of Non Ti Scordar Di Me. The guy disappeared into the poetry of the song on stage and gave us such a beautiful moment. I did not realize a young man of 18 could be so sensitive and strong in front of thousands of people. Bravo! I caught the spirit of their style and I too have decided it is better to take flight and soar. Just be careful and watch where you are going. I love to cook and of course eat, garden and be outdoors, read and discover something new. I love peace, beauty and harmony. My love of cultural has lead me in many directions so I have thoughts and experiences to share on different topics. Already, Italian cultural has loosened me up to use the word love. That’s different and a happy change. I do not think from the heart enough. This will be an adventure. Something has shifted in my spirits and wants to become friends with something so familiar. Typically, I read stories, listen to music, watch films, etc….find ways to locally enjoy the spirit of Italy. On my modest income, a trip to Italy will take some savings. But, along the way I can start to acquire language skills and talk to others. I hope I have found the place to explore this fascination. All the best,