Painting and Cooking

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08/25/2012 - 10:36

Hello to all. I've just joined the group and this is my first message. I am of Italian extraction, living here in Belfast, N.Ireland with a thriving Italian community. Fortunately I do a lot of travelling in my job and I've been to Rome twice in the past year and am planning on visiting Sicily in November. In the past I have been in many parts of Italy with my wife. We hope to go very often when I retire in the next year or so.And here lies my question. My wife loves to paint and I love to cook, She wants a painting holiday and i want a cooking holiday. So what I would like to know is, does anyone know of an area that does painting and cooking at the same time? This would be ideal? But if not, I'm afraid my wife will win!Thanks.


Not sure if they do them at the same time, but have a look at these people. They're very friendly and helpful and I'm going on one of their cooking holidays in Sicily in October. Can't wait! It might even be worth ringing them and asking if they would consider doing them together at some point. Lorne, the Director, is very approachable. I called in on the office when I was in Edinburgh last month.

Thanks Andrew and Angie for recommending our art retreat.  As everyone who has been to Le Marche knows, this area is of outstanding beauty and has infinite inspiration for any aspiring painter. We have been running painting course from our art retreat forfour years now and our guests come from all over the world to discover the unique beauty of Le Marche and enjoy a painting holiday with a very personal touch. We are running a course at the moment and you can see details on our website and up-dates on our blog. We get many guests from Ireland each year and can advise on travel, etc. Please feel free to find more details on our website: