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Hi, have you been watching the Olympics,team GB have done so well,but eh i am feeling so proud of our medal winners from the white rose county of Yorkshire,they have been outstanding.On Ilkley moor bah tat,on ilkley moor bah tat,on Ilkley moor bah tat.


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Great to have awakened a few of you Yorkshire folk over the olympics,didnt we do well!!Yes we get all over the world even to Italy. Hear in wonderful Abruzzo, the countryside and its people remind me of Yorkshire,when getting to know my neighbours,at first they were very cautious,just like us Yorkshire folk, but once they get to know you, i would say you have a friend for life!! Meraviglioso Abruzzese and Yorkshire folk.

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Great side distraction regards the Yorkshire input re. medal table, even if the best thing that ever came out of Yorkshire is the road to Derbyshire....oops, that will upset th'apple cart. Only joking...as an adopted Yorkshire person (Northallerton) a great event shown on TV with Jessie Eniss in Shefful. What a great ambassador/ess for sport, let's just hope lots of young people follow her example. Nice little touch also, the Italian guy who won a medal in the shooting is from our village! (Monteprandone)

Owd on a minit; tha munna get thi nikkas in a tizwaz; wen thas fro Matlock spellin goz owt'winda... Lernt mi gramma int Sycamore off Smedley Street... where duz tha ang owt? Art ovva ere? Uz'r in't Marche clos'ta Asculi Picenner, wen tha's reddy frra brew, t'kettle's alus on...

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Thats grand,wit brew olas on Andrew and regt gradly and welcomin,dos ta now wats beta than a cupa tea,anotha cupa tea!!!

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Tetleys is wat wi drink int pub,thas got to drink Yorkshire tea its for us Yorkshire folk.What tha does lik afta a cuppa is leave tea bag ont drainer overnigt to mature like and it makes another good cuppa int mornin,savs ont pocket an all,greaaatt!!!(Dont need money saver expert tha noes!!!)

Off topic slightly...heard a rather disturbing comment on a T.V. program last night on BBC 4 about the Antarctic. Where Ranulph Fiennes was asked how people were chosen for his expeditions His quote was "We don't take dour people who don't forgive and forget, so we don't take Yorkshire people"  Fair comment or what?

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My apologies,you didn't start it! Tried to buy your book on t'internet but not working. Don't really fancy reading it on' thighpad or kindling. Spud

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Gotta av laff now nd then,us yorkis av lot of joks poked bout us,but tha nows wi can laff at us sens.Thats wy wi so happi.Just wisel mi happi tune, whilst pikin mi olives,now fella yorkis lest tha fogets put tha teabag ont drainer fot monin brew,happi days!!!!

Qui Ja...would like the book sending t'England if you can...What about that Amazonian thing? Is it worth buying one o' them Kinder things? Spud,ex Leeds and ex Holmfirth !!!!!

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Well Ram,al be damned,olas thougt Yorkshire was "Gods Own Country"now wiv gotten divine proof.

Yes, Yorkshire certainly punches above its weight when it comes to Olympic medals. I have lived in sheffield for 34 years, and think of it as home. Seb - now Lord- Coe is from Sheffield, although I prefer lovely Jess Ennis. Sheffield boasts a thoroughfare called the Wicker which crosses the River Don- yes, you know, where t'water runs over t'weir. 

Hey up lass.  (Hello Karen)   Thas qualified afta alt em yers  thas a Yorkshire lass. Will afta luc ovat bridge wen as nex int Sheff like. Ta ta  frae now.