Second Imu payment

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09/11/2012 - 05:17


Well, I managed to post the heading, now here, hopefully, is the content. I was just wondering if the date by which the comune have to set the final, adjusted, rate for Imu has gone back from 16th Sept to the 30th, or possibly even further, to early December? And is it the case that if the revised figure is ever published, one merely applies it to the rendita, as per the usual formula, to produce a total, from which the acconto payment is subtracted, the balance being the saldo, and entered on form F24 accordingly? What could possibly go wrong? And what would be the sanctions, do you think, if one just applied the 0.076 figure, ignoring the final amount. At least one would have tried to pay!!

I thought it was always the case that they had to finalise the adjusted rate by 30th Sept? Ours finalised theirs on about the 19th June......up to .6% (for residents)..............I do not know the non resident rate(poss .96%? without the €200 reduction). Re the sanzioni...............I would think maybe 10% of the amount that you should have paid ? S

Thanks, Sprostoni, Maybe I got confused about the September date. That was quite a hike for residents, up to 6%? I'd thought the scope for uplifting the rate was fairly limited. Wrong again, by the looks of it. Ah well, another trip to the comune early October.