Secure email address for communicating with authorities

10/16/2012 - 11:52

I have just had to create a secure email account (PEC in Italian) so that I can communicate a SCIA with my comune. It seems this is the way it is going for most comune now. If anyone needs to do this, here is the link to the government (free) site: It's not too difficult except one bit that caught me out. I was asked for the Codice Avviamento Postale. It had me stumped until I realised it was the CAP postal code they wanted for the post office where I will take my id docs to ge them verified.The procedure is as follows:-Click on the link above and hit the 'Richiedila Ora' button.-Fill in your details and residency and id document details and then you will be given a user id and client code.-Take this with your id doc (passport or carta d'identita' for most of us) and Codice Fiscale to the Post Office you specified after 24 hours and within 3 months and they will verify your details and in theory within 24 hours you are up and running.-If you need a digital signature (and for a lot of things you will) it costs €19 for 3 years which seems the cheapest I have found.I needed it to inform the comune I am renting out my house. Which I would have done previously via a letter. Looks like the whole world is digital these days - well Italy at least!


I think this has been prompted by the spamming of several High Profile Comunes that recieved up to 18,000 emails a day. This is to ensure that a registered email account/address goes to an inbox and all others will go to a Spam File.

Hi Brianm, I'm afraid it has to be an authorised Italian PEC provider otherwise the #italian authorities won't accept it. The Post Office does also do it but they charge €36 for a digital signature for 3 years.

Thanks Penny We have got to the point of needing to communicate with the Commune, also get ourselves a proper address and a P.O.Box at the local post office. Will have to bite the bullet and have a go at the above.   Thanks again   Fabbriche