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10/18/2012 - 05:27

Anyone know what the going rate is to pay someone to cover change overs, 2 bed property large roomed apartment. Covering cleaning, laundry and greeting clients.


I would GUESS at about €100-€150 sounds about right, assume €50 per bedroom, the laundry, the cleaning and the meeting the greeting ? €200 sounds too much for an apartment, €100 sounds too little to get a proper job done? There may well be such a service provided by one or more of the forum users... Good Luck, S

I think that seems a lot Sprostoni for a 2 bed appartment. I'd expect to pay around € 8-10 an hour (more if they are legally setup & insured etc - €15 an hour or so). How long would it take you to do it? Be honest though - it takes a lot longer than you think!

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If you assume 6 hrs.............4 hrs clean etc, 1 hr 'attendance' - travel,  waiting, meet & greet, cost of laundry, etc, I can certainly see €100 being eaten into very quickly.............on top of this, there will be other unknown issues & costs. S

Thanks for your advice on this subject, I have been offered some work just a few weeks and not sure what a fair price is. Been here nearly 4 months and need an income to keep going, so any work appreciated.

Also it depends on where the property is; if it's in a village/town with easy parking and access then you should expect to pay less than if it's a cottage in the middle of nowhere up a 2km dirt road. Also what Location are you in, if more touristy i.e Tuscany, Liguria etc you should expect higher rates than Calabria, Marche etc. Going rate around here for Cleaning only is €12-15/hour, but if you expect to do the laundry, greet guests, and get the place spick and span expect to charge €120-150 for a 2bed house.

Depends on if you are a basic cleaner , or someone that managers the property for a client.....I KNOW rather than guess that Penny has got the hourly rate just about right. It is also dependant on the level of service required by the bottom sheets ironed. And on a another level that you can be called on as the key-holder to any emergency (and these do happen!).

I just think the whole effort, cost and responsibility deserves at least €100...........and then there are bound to be hiccups ! We saw someone waiting for an arrival at 10pm on one night.............the arrivals had got lost ! €150 seems reasonable............. Good luck to those who do this ! S

My housekeepers charge extra for a call out etc which is perfectly fair enough. They also charge me petrol money if doing anything other than standard changeover plus a higher rate if doing repairs etc. I pay for just the cleaning, linen and meet & greet. Anything else is on top. I still think €150 is too much. That would be half my weekly rent and would mean I couldn't offer short breaks at all. After bills and taxes there would be nothing left!! I wouldn;t be happy paying extra 'in case' hiccups happen. I am more than happy to pay 'if and when' they happen (as they always will).

I charge 10 euro per hour for cleaning/linen, when I have a meet n greet I make sure they have my number and they are asked to text me when they get to the nearest town so I only have to charge for approx 1 hour, it makes no sense to sit in someones house for hours and for the client to pay for it as often they do get lost. 

Yes - you must have some irrevocable agreement about what to do about late arriving guests. Texting is probably best, assuming the visitors are on a non Italian mobile - otherwise you could be kicking your heels for many hours. I've never done changeovers, nor had a rental house, but if I did I'm certain I'd use a laundry service rather than expecting my hired hand to cope with ironing sheets. Surely it's going to cost more than €7 in labour (the charge my local laundry makes for a pair of double sheets) to iron these things to the same standard as the steam tables they use in laundries? And you'll not be using your own water (maybe in short supply) or your own electricity, or have the problem of getting sheets to dry on a wet November day.

From someone who regularly rents holiday homes or apartments whenever we travel. Generally, owners ask for a cleaning fee, which varies according to the size of the premises and the number of people using it. When it is just the two of us it is in the range of 50 to 70 € . In most cases, owners do their own greeting. We always text the owners when we are at a distance of about one hour to let them know that we are arriving and we inform them of our arrival time before hand.

The appropriate rate to set is somewhere in the space between the worker who wants to earn a decent wage / as much as possible and the owner who wants to pay as little as possible and still see it as a decent wage preferring not to see themselves as exploitative. It also depends if the cleaner sees themselves as doing a favour for someone or offering a professional service. I have been on both sides of this equation by the way... I think the responsibility of being on call as the local contact should the need arise is worth being paid for as well. If I am paid a 'retainer' of sorts to be available then I stay aware of this as regards when guests are around. If I am just paid to do something if the need arises, well, if I am not around - so be it, I will get there when I can. So if there is a pipe which has sprung a leak and water is flooding down the stairs (a true life example) but I am 100 km away doing something else... sorry.  There is straightforward cleaning which could be worth 10 - 15 euros an hour including travel (although I think this is pretty low as a fee) and then there is taking responsibility as an agent of the owner which involves troubleshooting, local knowledge and language skills. I agree with Fillide about the laundry service - they are set up to do biancheria quickly and efficiently. Of course if the nearest place is 50 kms away then this is a problem. But doing laundry takes a long time / costs money for electricity and water if you are doing it yourself as a cleaner and is dependent upon weather for drying.  If a house is being rented out as a holiday house then people expect it to be presented at a very good standard - beyond just your own lived in home, unless advertised as funky or basic or whatever. Good presentation costs money and takes thought and care. Keeping your 'workers' onside by being generous in your payments and consideration is a better philosophy I reckon. 

I have no idea what one should pay, I suggested €100-€ an answer to Lucy and Gerry's question.......... I thought that they were after a number as a guideline ? S