Christmas bonus Postino/Postina

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once there were quite a lot of threads about tipping,and yes ,i am conversant with anglo north european habits on this... HOWEVER will not certainly be giving anything to our postina.For the simple reason that it is her job for which she is paid.It is not expected and i have never given postal workers/gas/electric/phone or other personel tips/bonuses for the same reason,actually, she will be receiving two months salary for the month of December.This is not any personal rancour against her despite the fact she tends to wait until there is a pile of post before delivering anything,and despite the fact she frequently leaves post for other people to save her the trip to their houses.Before you go off muttering mean bastard,i add i only tip waiters and the like if they are not family members or the owners of restaurants and then only if they're provided a particularly efficient/pleasant /good service.And i do give to both our employees beyond contractual obligations a christmas bonus...

Next you'll be suggesting tipping the bin men (as I believe is frequent in the UK)! The only beggar who seems to expect to be tipped is the Priest - and presumably it is my tight-fistedness which has resulted in my house not getting blessed every Easter, (or it could be the Black Sabbath artwork on the walls)  

Bought several packets of 10 UNICEF cards from Le Clerc S/market for 80 cents each. I think Gail has been duped by her Postino into coughing up a bonus; has he indicated what and acceptable 'donation' would be?  I agree with Sebastian, they get paid enough for a cushy little job, and also I know for a fact that they wont make one off journeys to small villages unless there are several people to deliver to, hence our frequent wait for letters from people posted over a week ago from Italy.

hmmm not really indicative of Italy though is it - i mean taking post round in Venice is a bit different from chucking it in the nearest cassonetta in Campania.  And to be honest, not sure how much time Donna spends in Italy - she seems to spend most her life in Manhattan where if you dont tip the postman they kidnap you.  So, I ve lived all over the place, never tipped a postman and am still here to tell the tale.  Never got a Xmas card from an Italian either.  

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thanks Esme,now i know who she is (gasps), unfortunately, i don't feel she is more qualified than me however(!)i've lived for longer in Italy and not "stuck"in Venice know real "italy" world (get up -go to work-pay taxes-eat- sleep -friends etc)so this author would not change anything for me...........Just to put things in perspective regarding my remarks...i have no problem if someone feels the need or desire to tip someone... however Italy is ( apart from perhaps a few "tourist" restaurants in Rome) refreshingly free from that obligatory -overt - pressure for tips/bonuses/pressies/extras etc i'm sure most would agree with that. i've even had people refuse tips even though they were not "mean" tips..a question of pride i'd say nuff said on this i'd say.........................................

Aha!   Perhaps Gail Somers has a job as a postie!! And,, in response to Flip, perhaps if you DO tip them they might make a special point of delivering your mail!  Sorry, it's the Christmas spirit got into me - but we can dream. Merry Xmas   Fabbriche

I also read in a book Gail that the World will end on the 21st Dec, so actually no point in giving a tip, as I wont be receiving any mail after then.!! wink

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are you sure it wasn't the SOMALI CLUB in parliament street? ...i used to go there! anyway nigerians-somali's it's close enough for the POOL...NO?

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How did you know about that? did you know Kathy Freeman by any chance? or Martin Yarker who was part of a kind of punk/rock band in the late 70's early eighties? or are you inside my PC?