Something is eating my roses!!

06/17/2009 - 13:04

For the last two years I have been plagued by a flying beetle, small, black with grey dots on it, who gets into the rose buds and eats all of them away. I have tried spraying soapy water on them, but they just fly away and come back later. If I catch them, I drown them but they can go through several rose bushes in a matter of hours! Does anyone know what they are, and how I can get rid of them. They only seem to be around in June, eat my roses, and then go off to somewhere else!!



 There are different kinds of beetles who have one thing in common: they love roses, particularly buds! Possibly, your enemies will be amongst this lot that I found in the old forum, as we discussed this matter several water, hosing down the bushes.... there are several organic methods. Otherwise, find a pyrethrum-based insecticide and play the exterminator role.Good luck!

I had the same problem and found (by accident) that if you spray with insecticide BEFORE the rose buds open then you stand a better chance of seeing off th bugs. Y

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Thank you both. I will try that next year and see if I manage to get any whole, uneaten roses this time!