The Italian passport is coming

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06/04/2009 - 07:13

Hi, I just realised the forum changed places so here I am with an update from my last post.My child has been wanting an Italian passport to travel on which means I had to go back and order my grandfathers birth certificate from Italy before I could apply. I couldnt believe that it arrived in under 1 month (thanks to the online translators). I took everything into the Italian Consulate in Australia a week ago and they said we should have the passport by the 15th of this month.Fingers cross because some of you told me some horror stories of the time it took to get your own. I post on the 15th to let you if we really got the passport that fast.


 Welcome to the ITALY Community and thanks for sharing your experience. Italian "burocrazia" is very famous for being slow...very slow..Anyway, looking forward to hear the end of your adventure!

 Hi Moon and it is great to hear from you again in the new community. It has been really fast to get your son's Italian passport, to tell you the truth I was convinced that it was going to take longer.... I am still waiting for my daughter's Spanish passport and it has been an ordeal. Congratulations, I am very glad for your son!

a lot depends on where the comune or provincial area you are applying for historical papers.. would be intereting to know which area this was... as it seems like it should deserve a goold star in that respect...cannot remember his name but there is a new man (very short)running the government part of local admin who has brought in new rules and standards of response to requests ... could also be that that is working...although have my doubts... but its good to hear things look like being sorted... well done

Thanks everyone, I was really surprised that it is coming this soon too, I was trying to convince my son to get a work visa but as usual who listens to their mother.It was the comune di vicenza, the person I was emailing was very very helpful and even emailed me back to say they sent it. It was a very long week waiting for the mail man but it arrived and thats the main thing.The person I spoke to at the consulate said there was regulations about how fast they had to give us the passport once we applied which I think was 1 month.Anyway my son now has dual citizenship.

Just an update, we have already recieved the passport and still cant believe it didnt even take one whole month. I was really worried for a while after reading how long it took for some of you to get your passport. Thanks for all your help.