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06/20/2009 - 10:55

I have heard much about changes in planning regs enabling volume to be added to exisiting buildings.Anyone know where I can read the facts about this, ideally in english or a summary in Italian.If not does anyone know with confidence what the new law means.  Thanks



Our understanding is that Berlusconi's new law gives someone with an existing building tacit permission to extend that building by up to 30-35%. This can be done without Commune consent and with a Geometra going before a Judge with the existing dimensions and an outline of the proposed plans.However, this law has now to be ratified by every region. Here in Calabria we are told it will come into effect at the end of July but no one seems to know exactly how (or if?) it will be ratified.Our Geometra believes it is an additional 30% of the footprint, rather than the volume, that covered terraces may be counted within the footprint and/ or extension but open ones will not and that each region may adopt entirely different criteria than those presented nationally.Sorry I can't help with anything definative, we are awaiting news next week and will update you further

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Thanks, that is helpful, I wasn't aware it could be done without going through the Comune, or had to be ratified by the region. 

In reply to by SanG was said above there is really no national standard...each region has to ratify the law and also is allowed to changes volumes etc...etc etc... this site give the regional updatesthere is another site this also gives news by region...both sites are very unclear about things... but it just proves what sang says above and maybe what your geometra is is also all complicated because of recent events in Abruzzo and the fear that there are certain individuals practicing in building works on all levels that will use the supposed ease of these rules to by pass strict seismic regulations in most areas of Italy... so do a search either on these sites or on google italy with your region name and the piano casa and you might well get lucky with a decision having been reached there...i have very little faith in the whole thing being anything new and it will be only be of use to individuals who can easily work the system for their own benefit... (whats new) ... and these people in the past managed it without the new law in any case... could be wrong and it will be very much a regional provincial system of worth with the better run regions... look central north... applying the rules more fairly