Trouble with Alice e-mail?

06/30/2009 - 11:55

Has anyone found they are unable to access their e-mail today?  Tried to log on as normal (using Identify Safe) and was met with the message "Gentile abbonato, il suo abbonamento e' cambiato.  Per accedere ai servizi di Alice clicca su OK" .  I have no idea why it has changed!  I have done nothing differently.  When I clicked on Ok I was asked to confirm information - and was asked for name, Codice Fiscale, DOB etc and was expected to then confirm acceptance of various terms.  Being the cautious bunny that I am, I did nothing.  Just wondered if Alice have suddenly decided to get all users to agree to some new terms and conditions or whether this is personal and I need to establish why.  Thanks.



Hi all. Does anyone else have a problem sending e-mails OUT on the Alice server?I have my own domain in the UK, and can receive e-mails perfectly OK via Outlook Express and my incoming mail POP3 account - no problems whatsover.The problem is I cannot send e-mails from Outlook via my own SMTP address.Here is what I have done... I tried the Alice "" server given, still not good. E-mails bounce. OK, to test the system, I then tried my Googlemail address, using both Gmail Incoming POP3 server, and outgoing SMTP address. Still bouncing. I have a strange feeling Alice do not like own domain addresses, they like you to use their own address i.e. and return it with their address, but this is no good for people in business who need their own .com or address.Has anyone else had issues sending mails out, similar ot this?Thanks. 

Not sure if this helps folks and what I am about to write may be entirely unrelated but the same thing happened to our neighbour about two months ago just following a marketing campaign of Alice's to get everyone over to ADSL. When his email went down totally he finally managed to speak to someone who said they no longer wanted his dial-up business and had disconnected him. The only route forward was to sign up for the new ADSL (with a new rate of course). In the end he changed over to Tiscali who are happy to take dial-up customers! Only in Italy eh! 

I've just moved to Carassai and until i get a landline I am having to use a dongle to get online. Reception is awful, no 3G just weak GPRS - very slow, not strong enough for SKYPE or BBC iplayer for radio. When i get my landline which hopefully will  be  soon - which provider do i go for - Alice 7 or Tiscali 8? Anyone have any experience in this area as to the better provider/reception? Tiscali seems to be faster but as a technophobe I don't know which to choose. All help appreciated.Also, for interest - I'm the newcomer mentioned by Karen in her mail re Hertz breakdown - pleased to be here, still madly unpacking etc and waiting for residents permit so I can get my own car.

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Hi allYou have my sympathy Hazy, we have a similar problem with our dongle and GPRS, I spend most of my time wandering around the terrace trying to get a stable signal, still I can think of worse places to be doing it.We do not have ADSL in the villages and thus a landline is of little interest, it was hoped that a mesh type system would be installed but there are problems in siting the mast unfortunately.  Thus a dongle for us is the only real solution.   Anyway, from google it would seem that you can now get amplifiers for weak 3g and GPRS signals and I was wondering whether any one had tried them and to what effect. not, I will give it a go and report back.    

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Hi SibillaniJust saw your posting.I profess to know a little about GSM/3g/HSDPA coverage on cellular networks, and I would say, if your signal is weak, do not expect any "booster" on the market to give you a much better signal. This can only be achieved if you have satisfactory coverage to start with (i.e it is impossible to "boost " what is not there). If you have exhausted all the networks here, (TIM, 3,  VODAFONE, AND WIND) you can, get good broadband on satellite nowadays, and I don't mean the local "Wireless" networks either. Check out Astra 2 Connect. There are agents in Italy, and if you can receive Astra TV, (99.9% can), you'll get the service.Your other alternative is to keep badgering Telecom. We campaigned here for months and months, until they finally gave in and upgraded the exchange to ADSL. They even wired in brand new copper cabling for us so as our speed would not be affected adversely by distance from the exchange. We are delighted, but we had to wait, which is understandable given our area is not industrious or well populated by any means.Please do not think you cannot get ADSL in some form, because it is possible. Don't waste your money on gadgets that may only marginally improve things. ED