Traveling from Lamezia to Belvedere Marittimo

Faye Colver Image
07/08/2009 - 12:24

 Myself and two friends are arriving into Lamezia airport on 22nd July at 19:25. We need to get to Belvedere Marittimo where we have accommodation. Unfortunately, arriving at that time in the evening, we will have missed the last train from Lamezia to Belvedere. We are on a tight budget for our stay and therefore don't want to go to the expense of hiring a car. Can anyone suggest alternatives? For example, how much would a taxi journey be or can you recommend cheap accommodation in Lamezia so that we can get the first train the next morning? Any advice would be greatly appreciated! Also, if anyone can suggest places to go whilst in Belvedere, that would also be welcomed. Thank you in advance. 



Try Googling   "lamezia B&B" - it throws up some cheap accommodation possibilities or if you like - there are some late night [slow] trains - but they involve longish station stops at the interchanges.After the 20.25 train, that arrives at BM at 22.09 [1 change] , there is the 00.22 that arrives at 05.50 [with a 3hr wait at Sapri] or the 01.17 train - that takes forever with 2 longish waits when changing trains [arrives about 08.22]