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Hi there joined up yesterday from the previous forum.No idea why its all change but happy to see familiar faces!I'd love a new topic for Wildlife.We had some great wildlife threads on the other forumn but its difficult to see where they can go here so can we please have a wildlife topic?


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Wasn't on the 'previous' forum (whatever that was) but great to see you here anyway.

I think it is important we understand any impact on modern day Italy and for that matter anywhere else. I was watching Country File on BBC last night and there was a debate on whether animals not naitive to a country i.e. the minx to the UK , should be culled to protect the native species like the water vole. Does Italy have similar problems with new species being introduced? Welcome back !

Hi Julie,Olive picking normally takes place from early October for pickling and from early to late November for oil.The work regulations here won't allow you to do this work, either paid or unpaid, so your best bet is to find accommodation where they have an olive grove and you could offer to help out. I will send you a private message.Russ

I too saw Countryfile, quite an interesting point, as climate change is causing new wildlife to come to certain areas and others to die out... presumably this is evolution and we can't/shouldn't do anything about it.  The mink, however, have been a problem for years... I was in Shetland in the late 70s and they were causing all sorts of problems up there...the American crayfish is decimating local river life in UK, but if they are the stronger breed (same as grey squirrels), is that a form of evolution?  Quite a tricky debate...