Slow page loading

Russ Image
07/14/2009 - 04:26

Is it just me or does everyone find the speed of page loading on this IM Community so slow, that  you give up trying most of the time.  I do. I know that it's not my laptop, as I can access everything else on the internet without problems and page loading is generally less than 1 second. Javascript hasn't been enabled - is that the issue?I also created a group called Wildlife & Conservation, but for the life of me cannot work out how to make this public. Admin confirmed the group had been created, but I don't see it in the New Groups panel to the right. 



Hi Russ,actually we are managing some features which will improve the website navigation and usage.we are really sorry that this is causing a slow page loading. Will sort it out as soon as possible. Anyway your Group is now public and people can see all the content uploaded till now.  Enjoy.Valentina