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07/16/2009 - 17:14

Hi everybodyJust want to know what it means when it says i have no status yet? thanks 



I don't have any 'status' either.I reckon when you've made a number of postings the administrators of the site assess you and then give you a status such as:a) Boringb) Pedantc) Time wasterd) Trouble makere) Interestedf) Interestingg) Helpful etc etcbut I'm only guessing.!Can't wait to see what my status is eventually

Just click on your name under where it says "xxxxxxxx  xxxxxx does not have a status.This will open a small box where you can enter 'Cosa fai? - Cosa Pensi?'  (What are you doing? What do you think?Once you have entered what you want to say, just click on 'Save' and your message will then show as your Status. You will have to refresh your page to see it though!

Hi Snowdrop,Carole has perfectly answered to your question.You can read other people statuses at the bottom of the Community Home - La Piazza page.It's a way to share your thoughts with other members / friends in the Italy Community, especially when you don't want to create a new post to only to say i.e. "It's really hot in Italy today" and you don't need any comments.Looking forward to seeing what your status is like..