lizard rescue

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07/17/2009 - 16:12

 as this is a conservation group and despite the best efforts of our dogs to make all lizards in the garden tail less i would just like to add a tip for those of you with outside ...we do have indoor bathrooms but also typically of italy we have two outside porcelain our last house also...lizards not seemingly the brightest animals in the world often seem to end up within said sinks... and on a hot day they fry...or worse if its not a sink you use that often just starve to death...because their little feet have nothing to grip onto when they want to get out... since finding my first petrified lizard several years ago i now always put some sort of wooden escape route fact whatevr you have that comes to hand will do... they just need some sort of ramp to get out...anyway my good deed for the day... am sure most of you have sorted this out for yourselves... mybruzzohome ... most probably even installed some sort of elaborate escalator...   


No escalator but I have tried a thick olive branch in the water butt! They do seem to have go the message but after finding asnake in it (alive) I'm going to cover ours to stop the little critters getting in.On a similar note can I urge you all to make sure you leave flat shallow dishes of fresh water around during the hot dry summer months, not only wildlife but also feral cats will be grateful to find somewhere to get a drink!If the bowls deep put a large stone in it for small creatures to climb onto in case they drown!