New member, living in Perth Australia.

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07/19/2009 - 04:12

 Looking to move to Italy next year, any advice will be great, I am a nurse and my partner a landscape gardener. Learning Italian at the moment. Any advice will be great.thanks Angela


Welcome Angela.Before anyone can give you any meaningful advice we need to know where you want to move to in Italy, and why.  Are you retiring?  Are you intending to work?  Do you want sea, mountains, city living etc?  Warm or cold winters?  Coming from Perth you may be disappointed by the cooler weather and the poor quality of the local cricket teams.

 Hi Angela and Welcome to the Piazza,there are a lot of things you may wish to know about Italy.Since you are going to relocate here permanently (?) you need to learn more about:SocietyLivingItalian LanguagePropertySo, enjoy visiting the community and post any questions!In the Introductions you'll find a lot of Australian members to get in touch with. How often have you been in Italy?