cycle hire?

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07/22/2009 - 18:05

I'm getting the odd enquiry from people who'd like to use our house in Abruzzo as a base for cycling. The house doesn't have room to store bikes, so I'd like to point them to a cycle hire shop. But although there are far more people in Italy mad on cycling than in the UK I can't seem to find any. Bike hire schemes I find on the web seem to be mostly free bikes for use in big towns, not the kind of bikes you might use for some touring for a week or so. Anyone got any better ideas? Ryanair (the only ones to fly to Pescara) say they will carry bikes, but their prices page doesn't include them so I don't know if they really do or not..CheersGraham 



Can I suggest that you contact Penny via PM, as they have a cycle shop in Sarnano. Although they are in Marche they may be able to network.

We bought our bikes over on Ryanair and they charged €15 each way, which was 2 years ago, so knowing Mr O'Leary, this may have gone up abit now. They did however take good care of the bikes and they arrived here in good condition!

I would thank you Andrew but there isn't a button! The reason you don't see many bike hire places is that you have to have a licence rather like a car hire company to rent bikes here. It also prevents us from repairing bikes and selling bikes. Crazy eh? But then that's Italy!

You can usually get hold of a few bikes in Naples. Just ask a lad on a motorino - remembering to pay him AFTERWARDS. That bit is important. You can even ask for specific colours - and all pretty cheap too. You might need to borrow a hand grinder when you get them home though. Just to be safe. I learned this from dott. Berlusconi the other day at a birthday party, so it must be true...

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Kay, nice to see you back..Personally I don't like cycling much.  Can your friends in Naples find me a car?  A Maserati Quattroporte Sport GT S in metallic grey would suit me and money's no object - I've got €3000 burning a hole in my handbag

Hi Graham,do you still live in Pescara? I live in Abruzzo as well and I go to Pescara from time to time. I was there in the past couple of weeks. If you like we can keep in touch and maybe meet up one day for a chat and a cool drink :) Thanks