watering olive trees

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07/27/2009 - 05:35

We have a beautful old olive tree which is the focal point of our view from the villa. Unfortunately it has suddenly (over the past 4 months) started to look very sad, many leaves have dropped off and the remaining ones are yellowing, although it does have quite a few olives. Our gardener thinks it need watering as a year ago we paved the area around the olive. All our other olive trees are fine - has anyone experienced this with an olive tree before?



...especially if the paved area extends well beyond it's root spread. I'm guessing you left a space around the trunk, but this area receives very little water when it rains. As well as yellowing and dropping leaves, another sign is the olives themselves. Take a good look and again I'm guessing they will be looking slightly dehydrated.A long slow waterering to ensure the water gets deep into the soil is what I'd recommend. Dig out a small hole near to the trunk, but not right next to it and run a hose into it. Just have the water turned on enough to trickle in and leave it for several hours. If you have the pressure to high, the water will just run off and you'll end up with a huge water bill. After, use old grass cuttings to surround the trunk to keep the mositure from evaporating. Hopefully this should do the trick, although you may need to repeat every couple of weeks during the summer.