Hi, just to introduce myself

07/29/2009 - 05:10

Hi all, my name is Nigel and I live in the midlands of the UK.  I also have a house in Abruzzo (Roccacasale) which I (not personally) have renovated and now rent out as a holiday home. I speak Italian and watch Italian TV every night! I am very much looking forward to interacting in the community. I did post on the old site when I was in the mist of my renovation but now thats finished I am hoping for a more relaxed and general chat. 


So, what about the renovating process? How did you find all the people to trust in? Was the job well done? What did you find most difficult (i.e. the choise of materials, furniture)? Did you leave your "English mark" in the house style or did you furnished it in an Italian style?Tell us more about that, I'm very curious! - all people here must have noticed this! :) 

I'd be very interested too having just gone throught the same process.Would I do things differently next time? You bet!How about  you? 

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Hi russ,We would have trusted the geometra more and let him do the whole thing so we wouldn't have had to negotiate indiviually with each tradesman and supplier and basically project manage things at a distance.

Hi Valentina, well where to start! We did it all off our own back really. When we saw the house on the internet I immediatly sent 600 quid to hold it. We flew over and veiwed it and then bought it on the same trip! During this whistle stop trip we were plagued by a local who spoke english albeit with a sopranos accent (he had lived in New York for 15 years). We were very wary of this guy maybe even a bit scared.He turned out to be a great friend. He obtained the house next door at a knock down price for us, found a trustworthy electrician, plumber and took us to the offices of the town hall water co, electric co......We travelled round and negotiated for the fittings, kitchen  and bathrooms ourselves.The builder was a bit of a problem, he made a good job but got greedy at the end but a stern letter from the solicitor coupled with the geometra refusing to ever work with him again and our contact disowning him seems to have put an end to it.We started to run short of funds so the furniture had to come from IKEA rome, they delivered it and we put it all together ourselvesNigel

I watched commisario moltobano last night also I watch agrodolce both are set in Sicilia and they use this all the time (minchia,minchiare) is it in place of a swearword? Anyone

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 Hi, in reality it's a swearword and it's greatly used in Sicily.by the way, thanks for your great description of the process. You were lucky to find a English speaker man who helped you to find the essential things. Hope that the house hasn't been affected by the earthquake. Can you tell us the post-quake conditions of Roccacasale and nearby towns?

Lucky for us absolutely no damage to Roccacasale maybe because its built on the bare rock of the mountainside?The other towns and villages in the Peligna valley nearly all had a bit of damage but nothing like those poor people in L'Aquila.so pleased we got a good earthquake band put in when the place was renovated. the house dates back to the 16th centuryso the walls are pretty thick.

Welcome back Nigel and I am glad to hear that, in spite of some difficulties, you successfully finished your renovations. Also, that your area and particularly your property did not suffer too much from the recent earthquake. Bed rock always helps, this is something we always check. Our daughter has a house in San Francisco (CA) that survived the Big Earthquake and it is still going strong.... built on bed rock, of course.

Kids plan to drive from Rome airport to south Le Marche for their hols, by my reckoning that takes them through Aquila, are the roads open?  Is this a bad plan?  presumably diversions are in place?  How are things there now??

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 there are no road problems through L'Aquila...basically a motorway that runs around the town and to be honest you would find it hard to get any sense that a major tragedy occured there at all.... just a few months back... anyway the motorway and the tunnel have been pretty well open alll the time since... so no problems... the other point which might also help you feel more secure is that finally the earth seems to have settled back in place so no major tremors ... so basically unless they plan to stop there no diversions and nothing much to see of what happened... although noticeable even from the motorway are some of the tent villages......