Ciao Tutti !Im Desperately Looking For an English Speaking builder/

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07/30/2009 - 07:56

Ciao Tutti !
Im Desperately Looking For an English Speaking builder/s In Campania Area For Various Jobs on a Renovation Project!!


Look Forward to hearing from anyone with any tips of where i may find someone or Builders!

Flexible Working Situation.

Look forward to hearing from you soon! Esther



Which bit of Campania are you in?  In our limited experience English speaking is pretty thin on the ground.  There do however appear t be quite a few American house owners in Avellino province, maybe try Tripadvisor (if I may be so bold/traitorous) ?

Hmmmm good question, I can't find a list of members.There is a thread they started about moving to Campania a couple of days ago, find that and then you can send them a private message by clicking on their name...We had fantastic lunch in Nusco at Locando di Bu... best wishes to Antonio if you see him!  And wonder if anyone in the area can tell us the story behind the mysterious war memorial in Leoni.Best of luck....