Ciao - I'm a 'newbie'

05/19/2009 - 05:27

Hi - I am Mimosa and I am a virgin. Well - when I say that I mean to all this!! I am a bit flummoxed with the whole thing to be honest but hey what's new. I have lived in Italy now for 3 years and was an avid 'reader' of the old forum and enjoyed all the topics although didn't contribute anything - mean I know but I now feel that I could have something to say. Watch this space!!!


Hello Mimosa and hello again Gala, I daresay that in a couple of weeks we'll all be zipping around from post to post as if we've been here for years. At the moment though it looks as though there is only one person who really knows the system. As Mr R has said, there are still roadworks going on in the Piazza so traffic will be confused for a while.

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Thanks Ronald - did just that today - jumped right in and got wet - in the Adriatic - first 'dip' this year!!

Salve Tutti. Yet another old, I use that term advisedly, familiar face from The Forum but I decided to change my User ID and in so doing , it's back to the drawing board. I'm now a mere community visitor, dammit. I've a couple of ideas for new groups imminent so keep an eye out for them, Buona Seerata. Regards, Sally