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I'm wondering if anyone is having the same trouble as I am finding an attractive fench for a rural property ( no I'm not looking for something that would have previously surrounded Colditz! )I've spoken to a few people at Agricultura l/ craft fairs in the uk who make fenching panels from hazel ,chestnut  etc but I really don't want to have to transport these out to Abruzzo. I'm sure there must be similar craftsmen operating in Italy?My alternative is to harvesyt those huge thick bamboo canes and make up some rustic fench panels using these. Has anyone tried? 



 believe your property is surrounded by woodlands .... have you thought of maybe fencing by layering down some of the younger growth...works well here as verything grows so quickly... maybe using your bamboo to re-enforce parts...to my mind ...and ok i know you get strong winds in the UK too... many of the light timber fencing solutions would be shredded to bits in short time with the types of weather as regards winds that you get here... plus sun and rain...unstable soil fo even put the pots in ...etc etc... a living fence seems to me an apt solution for you...more long term...materials on site , better as a nesting cover area for wild animals and if you go into your woods plenty of good material for taking cuttings and adding more growth....sorry not your requested answer but another idea maybe

I hope your talking of FENCES. the Bamboo ones that are available from most  Fi de Tae places or OK but need good support. In the Uk a hazel woven fence would more likely suit your needs, but I have not come accross them here. I grow hazel and have made a  small section of fence by knocking in stakes and threading hazel twigs between then which seems to be OK. Not enough hazel to go into production yet. The panels that you see in the UK are often used as point to point jumps so a good market for thenm in certain areas. Hazel is best because it's flexible and grows very quickly.

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 This sort of panel fence probably doesn't exist in rural Italy because it would have no purpose other than the purely decorative.  It certainly wouldn't keep out wild boar and badgers.  If you want fencing panels that have a chance of doing that, they're on sale at any builder's yard.  Reinforcing mesh is just the job - cut it to size with heavy-duty bolt cutters.

Point well made I did mean FENCES! Spelling a weakness!We do layer our hedges in our Cornish garden and have natural living fenches but in Italy the main problem would be watering as in the 1st year the new saplings would need tender loving care plus what about Roberto's manky gang of sheep and goats!!They'd chomp through wire I swear.Sorry but the reinforced razor wire solution is not very attractive ! It may keep out a few Badgers ( not particullarly worried about badgers) but it would look c..p wouldnt it ?I've actually done a bit of research and this website 'allotment gardening' gives some good instructions on contructing a rustic type fench that is quite substancial.www.allotmentforestry.comI'd be keen to hear opinions! 

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You've just given me nightmares........................