Hello and thanks for reading, I am new to the Site

08/12/2009 - 22:41

I am new to the site but not to Calabria.  Bought an older property on the west coast (nr Scalea) 18 months ago and the updating and upgrading should be completed this month.  It is invaluable to read through the posts and learn from all your experience.  Particularly sad about those who have lost deposits etc but I am sure that by working together it will be resolved.It is probably unlikely but I will ask anyway.  If anybody has any nice unwanted furniture for sale will you contact me?  Somebody may be selling their apt and want to dispose of goods.  I have 4/5 bed house to furnish and perhaps you are finding, like me, that getting furniture I actually can live with is a difficult and expensive task in Italy if one doesnt want to go the IKEA route.  I have sourced beds etc locally but I dont have sofas or sofa beds; outside furniture, dining table etc.  We are out in Sept to clean and decorate so could pick stuff up then. 


There is a factory quite close to you where you can get custom made furniture at good prices, including the most comfortable sofa beds we have seen (ie comfortable as a sofa AND a bed which most don't manage).If you want to know more please send a message to me and I will forward our e mail address. For the outside furniture I would go to Emmezeta (Montalto Uffigo turn off on the A3). There will be a sale on in September and you may be able to pick up some nice wrought iron and ceramic tables for about €120.There are all sorts of places quite close to you to grab a bargain so feel free to get in touch