Anyone know a good dentist?

08/28/2009 - 06:03

Hi does anyone have experience of a dentist in Le Marche area, preferably English speaking. Someone gave the the name of one near Porto San Giorgio but all I'm getting is an engaged tone - they may be on holiday I suppose. Have broken a tooth and need to do something pretty soon... and I hate going to the dentist... Thanks in anticipation... Jo



I hear there is a VERY good one near Conad (and a Fiat services?) on road from Servigliano to Fermo? Apparently over the ristorante .....sorry can't recall the name of the ristorante (something like the Captains ship??)................Good luck S

I know this is an old thread, but wanted to share my experience. Late last week, my gum started becoming inflamed over a broken molar. On this Monday, the pain became fairly unbearable, as the abscess had spread to the inside of the gum. Rang the dentist around 5.00pm and was offered to go that evening, or the next morning. Decided to stand the pain until the Tuesday. Tues morning at 9.45 arrived at the surgery, straight in, anaesthetic injection, 5 mins later tooth out and infection build up cleared. Left surgery at 10.15, no tooth or gum pain since This dentist is German, but speaks English and Italian as well. I hate going to a dentist, but this guy is far better than any of the UK ones I have visited and like most men, we try to leave it as long as possible.

I have to say that my experience with this German dentist, was absolutly dreadful, agony, from start to finish, had I been more clued up at the time would have reported him to his governing body. Have now found another one, the nephew of friends of ours and have just finished a course of treatment. Everything was fine, but I was very apprehensive after the previous experience.

Must say that we never found this dentist, as he was recommended to us from one of the locals here about 6 years ago.  If we had found any problems with him, would not have returned after the first visit. Have had far worse treatment in the UK.

Badger - sorry to hear you have been suffering... I have just had exactly the same experience of abcess type pains from infected tooth and no time to get it sorted for a week. My local dentist was away on holiday but as soon as I saw him he gave anti-Bs and followed by root canal treatment of the one root molar. I timed the root canal work from start to finish..... 12 minutes including the jabs. I have to go back next week for the finale which he says will take ten minutes.  My UK dentist was talking about £800 worth of crown and an operation in the jaw!  From now on I'm sticking to my Italian dentist.