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121 Italian Tuition is a language school specialized in individual and group online classes, full-immersion Italian courses and mini-courses in select locations in Italy.

Book a FREE ONLINE CLASS to see for your self how we work: info@121italiantuition.com


Created by qualified Italian native teachers with extensive experience in teaching and researching Italian language and culture at all levels and in different contexts, from children to adults, from class to online, 121 Italian Tuition soon expanded to include intensive courses in Italy with a truly full-immersion approach with cultural, gastronomical and recreational activities experienced entirely through Italian.

Our online classes are entirely customised: your teacher will discuss your level, interests and needs with you and design the classes accordingly. They are delivered through an extremely user-friendly platform that allows you to interact face-to-face with your teacher as if you were in the same room, use a whiteboard and share all types of files. We always offer a no-obligation free trial class, which is the best way to appreciate the way we operate.

Our full-immersion courses in Italy are exciting holidays that combine language learning with a range of activities in small groups. Students are always accompanied by a qualified teacher who will help you to maximise your language experience and practice speaking Italian throughout the day in a relaxed and enjoyable atmosphere.

Weather permitting, classes are held in the open, usually in the morning and are followed by activities ranging from visits to historical, naturalistic or gastronomical sites, gentle hill walking or longer trekking trips, swimming wherever possible. You will have plenty of opportunities to interact with the locals, who will often volunteer anecdotes and information on their area.

For 2020 we offer two beautiful locations in Sicily: the Aeolian Islands or the Hyblaean mountains, and one in Abruzzo, Torrebruna, a quaint village on the Apennines in the province of Chieti.


Our mini-courses cater for individuals and very small groups who would like to add Italian language learning to their stay in Italy. These usually short courses are entirely tailored to participants’ requirements and can include visits to historical and archaeological sites, tours of monuments etc. They normally take place in Rome and in or around Sulmona in Abruzzo. Additional locations may be organised on requests.

For any special requests, please contact us. In the meantime, we invite you to download our free essential Italian grammar: https://121italiantuition.net/grammar/

Special Services

Our online language classes and full-immersion language courses cater for all levels of fluency. If you already have an intermediate level of Italian, we also offer an online advanced Italian course that you can follow at your own pace. The course is delivered on an interactive platform and can be taken with or without tutor support. For more information: https://121italiantuition.net/advanced-italian-online-course/


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