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Antiquity and Sea: Rome, Amalfi, Capri




Want to experience Rome’s historical greatness and Amalfi coast’s sensory landscape with no crowd?
Feed your appetite for Italian culture and food through this classic 9-day journey. You’ll enjoy:

  • Surprise Roman-style dinner with a chef meeting and an improvised menu
  • Exclusive access to Colosseum’s upper rings
  • Art and culture tour in Rome curated by local experts
  • FREE, private tour to the Vatican with access to non-public, secret rooms (First come, first serve)
  • Visit Amalfi Coast’s remote villages and private beaches
  • Stay in an ancient, charming convent in the heart of Amalfi coast
  • Al-fresco fine dining experience with fresh cuisine and Capri’s fantastic sea view
  • Private, full-day yacht day in Capri to explore its gorgeous, but lesser-known grottos
  • Private tour to Sistine Chapel (limited availability) upon request

If you book the journey before March, you’ll get the private Vatican tour with access to secret rooms for free! Availability is very limited and it goes fast. Call us now.


In Rome and its surrounding coasts, antiquity and a deep passion for food are the focus. You’ll immerse in the historical grandeur of Rome far away from the tourist crowd, absorb the turquoise blue of Amalfi coast in a private boat, and relax in Capri’s hidden beaches with cocktails.

You’ll get a much more intimate look into the Roman ancient heritage through our private city tour. Unlike the mass, you will have an unusual panorama view from Colosseum’s exclusive upper rings, and admire art masterpieces in Vatican’s secret rooms only open to a few. Because of our connections, you’ll experience the classic Rome with exclusivity and style, just like the tasteful Italians. You’ll greet and meet the chef, have conversations about the secret of Roman cuisine, and taste local prestigious wines.

Stay 3 days in Rome, and continue the journey in a private, vintage boat to Amalfi coast. Adore the characteristic landscape of lemon trees and colorful villages from a less-crowded hiking track, and stay in an ancient convent tucked in a silent hillside. You’ll savor ultra-fresh dishes in a chic terrace overlooking the sinuous coastal lines. The chef only chooses ingredients with prideful origins and the restaurant is famous for its strict food standard. Even simple dishes like tomatoes and fish are exploded with flavors.

Depart for Capri coast in a private boat, and arrive in a unique hotel that perfectly blends modern art into the quintessential Mediterranean landscape. Don’t bother the crowded grottos with long lines, as you will hop in a private boat to see Capri’s more remote, untamed nature. After exploring small villages in a yacht, relax in deep at a private beach. The dolce vita has earned its status in Capri, and you’ll see why.


9 days – A tour sample, details will be adjusted by your taste.
Day 1: Rome – meet with a chef and enjoy a surprise, multi-course dinner with an improve menu
Day 2: Rome – full day city tour with exclusive access to colosseum’s upper wing
Day 3: Rome – private Vatican tour with access to secret rooms (complimentary for the first calls!)
Day 4: Amalfi – free exploration with expert recommendations
Day 5: Amalfi – transfer to a characteristic convent in Amalfi coast in Mercedes E class
Day 6: Amalfi - private boat tour of the coast with a Michelin fine dining lunch on a hillside terrace
Day 7: Capri –boat transfer to Capri and discover Capri’s private villa world
Day 8: Capri - full day yacht to Capri’s gorgeous, remote grottos unknown to most tourists
Day 9: Capri – boat transfer to Naples airport after a pizza tasting


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