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Hi, I’m Valeria and I’m from Rome. I currently live in a beautiful seaside town on the coast of Tuscany called Viareggio which is famous for its lively and entertaining carnival.
I graduated in Modern Languages and Culture and in Modern Philology at the University of Tuscia (Viterbo), an ancient city with the largest medieval historic centre in Europe.
During my studies at university I became passionate about teaching Italian to foreigners and I wanted to formalise my passion by obtaining the DITALS level II certification. Afterwards, I worked for several private schools of Italian language and culture, located in the north of Tuscany.
This experience gave me the opportunity to grow professionally and gave me the desire to obtain a further specialization by completing the ITALS Level II advanced degree at the Cà Foscari University in Venice.
In addition to teaching Italian language and culture courses, I assist in the preparation CILS and PLIDA exams as well as administering CILS exams for the school I work with.
Teaching is a mission as well as a passion, which is why the desire to convert my approach, methodology and my activities to an online presence sparked an interest.
Easy Italian Online was born from my need to recreate online the same characteristics of a traditional classroom setting online, creating a relaxing and serene atmosphere which focuses on the desired needs of individual students.
My goal with Easy Italian Online is to provide students with an opportunity to learn a new language or to maintain previously acquired language levels from the comfort of their own home.
My mission is to help students improve their Italian language skills, without any pressure, not only teaching fundamental rules but also ensuring improvement of communication skills based on stimulating conversation practise.
The lessons are tailored to individual needs and desires through cultural, enjoyable, communicative activities
Furthermore the Easy Italian Online minicourses offer cultural activities for those who desire to deepen their understanding of Italian Literature, Art and Cinema and the Italian language. These courses are not simply video conference lessons. The students will actively participate through individual and cooperative activities.
The aim of these courses is to build Italian vocabulary in specialized areas and to allow the students to discover what the contemporary Italian art scene offers as well as to deepen their understanding of art in general.

What Included

Easy Italian Online uses authentic written and audio visual materials which are either produced in-house or from other sources.
All the materials are included in the price of the lessons and you do not need to buy any books.
At the end of each lesson, each student will receive a breakdown of lessons and if necessary, I will send extra material to review what has been acquired.


Easy Italian Online  offers individual and group courses for beginners, intermediate and advanced level. 


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