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ELLCI is a school of Italian language and culture for foreigners, located in one of the biggest and the most important Italian cities – Milan.



ELLCI is a school of Italian language and culture for foreigners, located in one of the biggest and the most important Italian cities – Milan. 

The school recognised by the Italian Department of Education and endorsed by the Italian Cultural Institutes and by the Italian Department for Foreign Affairs. 

ELLCI is a centre for internationally recognised CELI (Certificate of Knowledge of Italian Language) and CIC (Certificate of Knowledge of Business Italian) examinations. 

Our long experience of teaching Italian to foreigners and the presence of expert and qualified teachers allow us to grant an efficient learning in a serene, cosy and easy-going environment. 

Our school is located in a central area of Milan, just a few steps away from one of the main shopping areas of the city. With over 350 shops and outlets, the street qualifies as the busiest and the most important shopping streets of the city, specialized in ready-to-wear fashion. The architecture of the area is mostly late 19th and 20th Century style; the street and its surroundings are pointed with several neo-classical and art nouveau buildings.

Our students come from different corners from all over the world and share the same passion for Italian language, culture and life style. 

To offer the students a full immersion to Italian language, culture and lifestyle, ELLCI organises weekly guided visits around Milan and it’s surroundings, visiting the works of art and architecture of all historical periods - from Roman times until modern days.


ELLCI proposes Italian courses at every level, based on the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages, by developing all four skills – reading, listening, writing and speaking. 

ELLCI offers a wide variety of courses that are available throughout the year:

  • Morning and afternoon Standard courses;
  • Annual and 2-year Standard courses;
  • Individual & Intensive courses;
  • Weekend courses;
  • Corporate courses;
  • Study holiday and Senior courses;
  • Online courses.

One of the most popular courses is a Standard course, which offers a full-immersion experience of Italian lifestyle with 20 hours of lessons per week and guided visits around Milan. Our Standard Courses let students to acquire four linguistic abilities and develop a “5th one,” that gives the opportunity to learn Italian non-verbal language and communication codes, through subjects related to different aspects of the Italian culture, lifestyle and nature. Our Standard courses are suitable for the preparation of the CELI and CILS exams.

The school also offers some specialised courses, such as:

  • Preparation courses for admission to Italian Universities and schools of fashion, design, music and business;
  • Preparation courses for admission to the Academy of Fine Arts of Brera;
  • Drawing, painting and sculpture courses;
  • Cooking courses.

ELLCI offers housing within a variety of accommodation:

  • Single or shared room in a student residence
  • Single or shared room in a shared apartment 
  • Single or double apartment
  • Host family


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