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2020 CLASSES ARE NOW AVAILABLE FOR BOOKING ON THE WEBSITE. We will always offer "1 ON 1" lessons for you if there is no class at your level when you want to be in Italy.
We offer very high quality:
1. classes
2. individual "1 on 1" lessons
3. skype lessons
4. activity-based lessons and workshops


Learn to speak Italian in a special village in Italy, with a specialised language class using brilliant methods that are fun and have proven success. Take yourselves on this wonderful journey into the “real” Italy. Discover and enjoy everyday life in “Italy of the villages”.

The village of Spello is on a hilltop in the heart of Umbria and is the favourite of many Italians. They say “Spello e’ bello!” (Spello is beautiful). The town is the sweet spot. It is big enough to offer 15 restaurants and loads of attractions but small enough to have a very engaged community. Need we say there is heaps of culture and history and great food and wine? Come and find out for yourself why Italians love Spello.

Q. How are the classes at ENOY IT so different?
A. The concept has been based on what people told us they wanted.

They wanted to have a great holiday and…
- to learn fast
- to enjoy it
- no homework
- lovely comfortable classrooms
- fun
- to be able to speak - not just learning grammar rules.

In a place that
- is a lovely town with good accommodation and restaurants
- is easy to get around, as everything is in walking distance
- has a train directly to the town or airport close by
- is sociable with picturesque cafes and events.

So we designed ENJOY IT classes for what people wanted.

- Complete Beginners (pre level A1) - no previous learning or study.
- Almost Beginners (level A1, A2) - know quite a few words, some learning but cant make sentences.
- Improve your Italian (intermediate B1, B2, C1, C2)- can make many sentences but need to improve.

Enrol now for .

Most people choose 2 weeks course but we sometimes can arrange 4-week courses. In this case the units for 2 weeks course to progress to further units for the second 2 weeks (in the 4 weeks courses).

2 weeks course– 4.5 hours per day and 5 days per week - Euro 500
4 weeks courses - 4.5 hours per day and 5 days per week - Euro 1000

2 weeks – 4.5 hours per day and 5 days per week - Euro 500
4 weeks - 4.5 hours per day and 5 days per week - Euro 1000

2 weeks – 3 hours per day and 5 days per week - Euro 450
4 weeks - 3 hours per day and 5 days per week - Euro 900

Individual "one on one lessons" are 1.5 hours per day and 5 days per week for 2 weeks Euro 500.

What you get:
Small classes 3 -10 people.
- We have teachers who can accommodate English or groups of Japanese and Chinese speakers who wish to learn Italian.
- No official tests, certificates or hoo-hah - instead you will love learning and achieve your potential.
- Suggestions for additional activities.
- We will check that your selected accommodation is appropriate and proximate to classes.
- A flexible and engaged staff, who know everyone and everything in Spello.
- Teachers who are bi-lingual and have a sense of humour!

The Technique for Learning.
We use the latest technique you can find in many accelerated learning courses and then we built on this to create our classes. The focus is making sure you have a truly enjoyable time. The best way to learn a language is with totally positive classes and lots of fun. It is so important that grammar does not get in the way of establishing the language. Children learn this way and adults can too. Grammar is an extension of language and can be learned peripherally and extended later. First, you speak.

We learn best by playing with the language in its context. When done in this way it, is absorbed both by the short and long term memory, simultaneously. It is even better when we are immersed in the location and surrounded by the language.

Where is Spello?
Spello is in the centre of Umbria. 10 mins from Assisi. 20 mins from Perugia Airport. It is possible to enjoy Spello without a car, as the train station is 10 mins walk from the centre. This train line runs north to Florence (2 hours) and south to Rome (2 hours).

Spello was founded in year 1 B.C. and has a wealth of history. There is a building housing the mosaics from this time. Today the most famous events in a very full calendar is the Festival of Flowers (Infiorata di Spello) and the Roman Festival (Hispellum).

Spello is home to the best wine shop (with tasting) in Italy, Enotecca di Properzio (Lonely Planet Guide) and a very new and special wine tasting shop (Oleotecca) and many fine restaurants.

It is the home of true artists and has the Norberto Art Museum (free) and Church with famous artworks.

Spello is real Italian living.

Special Services

We offer bespoke classes:
- Walking and talking - conversation practice while walking the town and countryside.
- Cooking classes with Cristiana
- Skype Lessons

What Included

Classes on weekdays 4 weeks or 2 weeks
No homework
Suggestions for many other activities and accomodation (arranged by students).


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