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Calabria is a magic land with ancient origins, a unique place to live and discover in winter and summer alike. 

Calabria will surprise you with a pleasant climate all year round, the splendid colours of the sea, rocky coasts alternating with sandy beaches, wild and mysterious nature, the intense and genuine flavours of local cuisine and, but above all, with many friendly and welcoming people. 

Our tours are hand-crafted allowing you to experience the real Italy, that very little know.  
Calabria is the "off the beaten path Italy" you've been dreaming of.


This tour will focus on the naturalistic aspects of Calabria, characterized from a geomorphological point of view, by being a "mountain in the middle of the sea" ... indeed, mountains in the middle of the seas! Because in truth the three great mountain massifs that characterize Calabria have different origins and compositions, just as the two seas are profoundly different from each other.

The geomorphological peculiarities determine the Calabrian crops and cultures, creating a multiform and multifaceted region from every point of view: the barren and rocky mountain territory of the Pollino becomes a forest in Sila, the rocky coasts of the Tyrrhenian become expanses of sand on the Ionian, the typical crops of cold mountain areas alternate with the botanical gardens of the valleys. A wealth of resources that changes in every corner, which is reflected in the food and wine productions that alternate the poor dishes of the mountain tradition with the sumptuousness of the great fish cuisine in the sea areas. And when the mountain and the sea meet, they give rise to specialties that are unique in the world, such as “Sardella,” sea fish preserved in the mountains!

The cultures, the rites, the traditions…sometimes remained unchanged over the centuries, as in the closed and inaccessible territories of the Pollino area, where apotropaic and arbreshe rites still resist. (Assandria del Carretto) Also, traditions of unique wine production methods (passito muscat of Saracena); sometimes open to the world, welcoming, with that welcome that the center of the Mediterranean, cradle and path of all great civilizations, can give…….It's time to start the journey between two seas and three peaks: open your eyes to wonder.

Price: $4,300 + tax (double occupancy)

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Tailored Tours (pick which experiences to take part in)

What's included

All accomodations
All meals throughout the tour as per itinerary
Wine at each meal
Guided Tours of Calabria's Charming Towns
Excursions to producers of Organic Wines, Cheeses, and Salumi
Group Airport Transfer
All inclusive upon arrival in Calabria

What's not included

Airfare, Souvenirs, extras


10 Days - 9 Nights


Day 1: Welcome to Calabria

STAGE 1 - We will meet at Lamezia Terme International Airport or train station.  
Transfer to accommodation and time to settle in

STAGE 2 - Welcome Dinner and overnight stay

Day 2: The Northern Tyrrhenian Sea,
Rocky coasts from “San Nicola Arcella” to “Verbicaro

STAGE 1 - Transfer to Santa Maria del Cedro to visit 
The Cedar Museum

STAGE 2 - Transfer from Santa Maria del Cedro to Diamante.
Visit the historic center and shopping district. Famous throughout Italy for the best Calabrian Chili Peppers

STAGE 3 -  Wine tasting in Verbicaro. 


Day 3: The Pollino mountains and it’s ethnic minorities

STAGE 1 - (For Cycling)

Cycling from Pollino to Civita: “iL Pino Loricato" 

STAGE 1.1 - (Rest of group)
The tales of the territory in Alessandria del Carretto, The Pita and the masks. 

STAGE 2 - Lunch in Civita

STAGE 3 - Saracena and Moscato Passito to visit one of the oldest wines in the world.

STAGE 4 - Transfer to Morano Calabro & Castrovillari to visit the historical district, castle, and Ferrocinto Company. 


Day 4: The Esaro Valley: San Marco Argentano & Alto Monte Visit the historical center of San Marco Argentano and Norman monuments

STAGE 1 - Visit the Abbey of Matina and enjoy a wine tasting

STAGE 2 - Departure to Altomonte, intermediate stop in Roggiano to visit archaeological excavations of the Villa di Larderia. Tasting of Oils and typical local products (Roggianese peppers, fig-based products)

STAGE 3 - Visit to the historical center of Altomonte, the cradle of the renaissance

STAGE 4 - Dinner at “Barbieri” Ristorante


Day 5: Towards the Ionian Sea from Pollino


STAGE 1 - Departure for Corigliano and visit the castle.

STAGE 2 - Departure to Rossano to visit Italy’s oldest licorice museum. Visit to the Basilica. And Codex Purpureus (The oldest surviving manuscript of the first testament 6th Century. 

STAGE 3 - Arrival to Caloppezzati to visit Filet Bossio to visit the textile museum/producer (Our producer of textiles for the store) Bossio has also done work for Fendi 

STAGE 4 - Return to Accommodation 


Day 6:

Travel to the Sea of the South. Pass through Crati Valley and Sila

STAGE 1 - Visit and lunch with tastings at the Serracavallo Agricultural Company with focus on artisans of ceramics and violet making. 

STAGE 2 - Departure to San Giovanni in Fiore. visit to the village and to the Gioachimiti Study Center. 

STAGE 3 - Departure for Crotone 


Day 7: 

Departure for Ciró “land of wine”. visit to the Librandi or Ceraudo company, visit field, harvest experience and wine tastings

STAGE 1 - Travel to Ciro' Superiore. visit to the historical center and the museum. focus on the city of the calendar. visit to regional wine shop with tasting of……… more wines.

STAGE 2 - Lunch in Ciro' Marina at a wine shop specialized in typical dishes

STAGE 3 - Departure for Crotone, visit to the city, shopping

Day 8: 

The Trail of Great Greece (Magna Grecia)

STAGE 1 - Lunch in Bivongi

STAGE 2 - Visit to the famous Cathedral

STAGE 3 - Return to accommodation


Day 9:  “Enotrica” The land of wine 

STAGE 1 - Departure for “Bianco”. visit to the "Greco di Bianco" production company

STAGE 2 - Typical lunch at the cooking school "A Chef for Elena and Pietro"

STAGE 3 - Ferruzzano: arrival at the Palments. visit the historical Palments and story about the ancient production of wine.


Day 10: Departure



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