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“I Cook in Italy” involves organizing cooking vacations for the passionate who love Italian food and wine, and are ambitious to learn the art of cooking, having fun and exploring at the same time the hidden regions of Italy, different than the classic cities already known and seen.

They offer a special culinary package in the Rome's countryside, just 1-hour south of Rome, with a perfect combination of high-quality service and value price.

Accommodations, equipped with all the comforts and facilities, are located in a luxurious renovated XVII-century historical building, set in the center of a picturesque medieval village, for a relaxing and delightful stay.

In a 7-day all-inclusive tour you will discover some of the most wonderful landscapes of the “real” Italy, appreciate the charm of different historic villages and the pleasure of tasting the best extra-virgin olive oil, organic wines, buffalo mozzarella, Italian prosciutto and more.

Talented chefs will teach the culinary skills in a professional kitchen with a warm and relaxed atmosphere, using only local organic ingredients, in the place where the “fettuccini” pasta was born.

A dedicated and highly trained English-speaking staffwill make your culinary holiday enjoyable and unique.

“I Cook in Italy” is a culinary vacation made up of prime organic ingredients, short supply chains, traditional cooking techniques, extraordinary wine pairings and partnerships with award-winning local producers.

The perfect combination of traditional Italian style and contemporary influences: from interior to food design, from the finest hospitality to genuine flavors, every aspect of the tour has its own unique personality, offering guests who love art, culture, music, fine wine and food an authentic “Italian living” experience.

“I Cook in Italy” consists in a different way to become connected with authentic people, landscapes and flavors, in a more memorable way then traditional tourism does.

You can learn the magic of Italian cuisine in 4 lessons, experimenting with traditional recipes in your individual workstation: from a large variety of starters to the joy of home-made pasta, from a range of regional recipes, to the sweetness of Italian desserts and obviously the original pizza!

The regional food-making vocation combines only organic, locally-sourced ingredients. A time-tested technique that yields superior flavor and freshness, respects the integrity of the food without preservatives or chemical treatments so that the final products are healthy, high-quality and really delicious.

On board of deluxe 9-seats minivans, every day you are going to visit the best olive oil mills, organic wineries, dairy farms, cured meat manufacturers and local market places.

There are several reasons you should choose this region, called “Ciociaria” (pronounce: cho-cha-ree-a), for a cooking holiday in Italy: stunning landscapes and uncontaminated nature, magnificent monuments, impressive archeological ruins, water springs. The very best of Italy’s countryside away from the chaos and pollution of the big cities and close enough to the main routes within reach of Rome and Naples.

Moreover, the presence of many great historical remains, from pre-Roman era with its acropolises to the Middle Ages with their abbeys and the “city of the Popes”, passing through Cicero’s hometown.

A lot of world-famous actors and directors were born in Ciociaria, such as Marcello Mastroianni, starring in “La Dolce Vita”, Gina Lollobrigida and Vittorio De Sica, director of the Oscar-winning “Two Women” (original title: “La Ciociara”).

But it’s when we refer to food and wine that Ciociaria is not second to any other Italian region, thanks to the best quality of the fresh natural ingredients, typical of this uncontaminated land. Its residents’ simplicity and spontaneity, having lived away from mass tourism routes for all their lives, helped to preserve the area from the negative effects of progress and industrialization. In many small villages you can have the sensation of going back 50 years to the most authentic Italy, the “true” one.

What Included

At a glance the package includes:

  • 7 days (6 nights) in a luxury renovated historical building
  • 4 complete hands-on Italian cooking classes
  • Daily excursions to cultural and culinary sites in the beautiful Roman countryside
  • 24h assistance in English by qualified staff
  • Transfers from/to Rome (FCO) airport or local train station
  • All meals and tasting of local food specialties
  • Natural wines from the enclosed cellar, water and espresso coffee

and much more…

Shorter stays (3 nights) and 1-day excursions are also available on request.


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