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Venice is one of the more charming cities in the world, with a long interesting history, that you can feel in every part of the city.
There are seven areas (sestieri) in Venice and if you stay every year in a different one you will have the feeling to be in a different city.
San Marco Square is one of the places that once in your life you have to visit, preferably during the night with its lights.
If you are interested in culture Venice offers a lot of cultural events and places to visit. It is impossible to write here all the churches, palaces…
that you have to visit.
There are also International Festival famous all over the world such as the Biennale Art and Architecture Exhibition, Biennale Cinema Exhibition and
some traditional city parties such as Redentore night with fireworks, food and a lot of music everywhere.
Also, you can find traditional places to eat and have a Spritz, the classical Venetian drink.

Easy Italian Language & Art, situated in a beautiful quiet area of Cannaregio, close to the Venetian Lagoon, immersed in real Venetian area, is an easy-going school, teaching exclusively the Italian language and culture to foreigners. We put students in the center of the learning process and we use modern educational activities such as educational games, songs, and other fun and useful who allow our students to learn easily the Italian language in a warm atmosphere.
Highly qualified teachers with long teaching experience use different techniques to teach the Italian language. Grammar is explained in a real contest of everyday use also with the use of songs in order to memorize quickly verbs conjugations. Role-play, educational games created also by the director of the school, who is also one of the teachers of the school

The school offers:
*) Group courses * in cooperation with secondary schools in foreign countries
*) Small group course (Max 5)
) Semi-private course (2 students)
*) Private lessons
These courses are organized for all language proficiency levels.
Group courses are generally organized with secondary schools or Universities that send students to Venice for one week or more time. Courses are
Of 15 hours or 20 hours per week.
Small group courses are organized for a maximum of 5 students of the same level
Semiprivate courses are organized for friends who travel together or with students of the same level who require this option.
Private lessons' duration is 60 minutes and can be tailored according to student needs.
Survival language course for absolute beginners who wants to start to study the Italian language and discover Venice.
Italian language courses outdoors are for students who want to visit Venice and learn Italian at the same time.
Moreover, the students can join Cultural courses on art history, the history of Venice, cooking classes, wine, and food tasting. It is also possible to
Play tennis and learn Italian (before the match), and learn Italian o a sailing boat.
The school offers also ONLINE COURSES that can be tailored to students needs.

What's included

All prices include the registration fee, didactic materials, certificate of attendant (on request)

What's not included

Public transportation and museum tickets, local food tastings and accomodation are not included in the price.


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