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We want you to feel cuddled during your time with us, so we'll take care of everything for you!
La Lucana tours include:
- En-suite accommodation
- Transport (except flights to Italy),
- Breakfasts, lunches and dinners (including drinks)
- A range of activities and days out
- Translators throughout
All you have to do is focus on creating unforgettable memories with your friends and loved ones.

Everyday, the 'Mamma' of our family, Marisa, will treat you to a home-cooked Southern Italian meal. You'll get to try a range of local dishes cooked using ingredients fresh from the farm and other local suppliers, as well as indulge in a plentiful supply of local wine.

Authentic Italy is all about authentic food. If you like, we can organise a range of unique cooking lessons and demonstrations that will reveal some age-old secrets of Italian cooking. From cheese-making and fresh pasta lessons to wine tastings and olive workshops, you're sure to satisfy your culinary curiosities

Southern Italy is full of impressive and beautiful sites and during a La Lucana tour we'd like to show you as much as possible. Whether it's a day out in the UNESCO heritage city of Matera, soon to be the European Capital of Culture in 2019, or a day at the seaside in Puglia to even a day in the impressive mountain towns of Basilicata, there's simply so much to see and do here.

Your experience during a La Lucana tour with us wouldn't be complete without traditional and comfortable lodgings. Our rooms are all en-suite and fitted with air conditioning and also WIFI. Moreover, every morning you'll wake up to stunning Italian landscapes where you can adventure out into lush forests or even take a swim in a our luxurious pool, set amongst our olive groves.


Italy is an amazing country but it is so much more than the classic, tourist packed places of Rome, Florence, Venice or Tuscany.

It is here in the south where you can find 'Italia vera' (real Italy) and La Lucana gives you an opportunity to discover this more authentic side to Italy.

Stay with our welcoming Italian family at our beautiful farmhouse, set in a protected nature reserve, and we will take you on an all inclusive journey through the food, culture, history and people of Matera and its region.

We can help you plan one of the most authentic, unique and special vacations you will ever have. Your tour will include accommodation at our beautiful agriturismo farmhouse as well as full-board (breakfast, lunch, dinner and drinks) throughout.

Guests will also have access to our stunning swimming pool, set amongst our olive groves, as well as being able to enjoy long walks, birdwatching or exploring the surrounding natural oasis.

We also offer the option of full transportation (including airport pick up/drop off and all day trips) for your time here.

You can design your own tour with us by mixing and matching activities from our three main categories below:


- Fresh Pasta Workshop
- Fresh Mozzarella Demonstration
- Cooking Lesson with Mamma&nbsp
- Olive Oil Workshop (only available end of September and throughout October)
- Wine Tasting with a Sommelier
- Cheese Tasting
- Panzerotti Lesson
- Matera Bread Workshop
- Milk a Podolica Cow


- Guided Tour of Matera (with an English speaking professional guide)
- Day Trip to Local Towns and Villages (including a visit to the mysterious ghost town of Craco with an English speaking professional guide
- Day Trip to the Mountain Towns of Basilicata (Pietrapertosa and Castelmezzano)
- An evening of Traditional Music (local folk musicians will come and share our local musical traditions with you for the evening)
- A Day Trip to the beautiful beaches of Basilicata
- Unique Spa Experience in the caves of the Sassi di Matera
- Italian Lesson
- Day Trip to The Trulli of Alberobello
- Day Trip to Polignano a Mare


- Rafting on the River Lao
- Hiking with Cosimo, a local, English speaking hiking expert
- Cycling
- Flight of the Angel
- Bridge to the Moon

Basilicata and Puglia are yet untouched parts of Southern Italy. They are home to some of the most beautiful towns, villages and scenery in all of Italy. One of our treasured jewels is the city of Matera, the third most ancient city in the world and in 2019 it will become the European Capital of Culture. Matera is most famous for its remarkable cave dwellings (known as The Sassi), some of which have been lived in for more than 9000 years!

Southern Italy is a very special and unique place and we believe that everyone in the world should have the opportunity to engage with its people, food and culture. That's why we created La Lucana.

We invite you to design the perfect trip with us here in Basilicata and Puglia. We want to help you visit some incredible places, indulge in some fantastic food and engage with a range of wonderful and hospitable local people. Specially created for English speaking travellers, La Lucana gives you an opportunity to engage with an authentic side of Southern Italy. From tours with local historical experts to uncovering some of the secrets of Materan cuisine, we want to offer you a truly incredible experience that you will never forget.

We hope that after your time here is over, Basilicata and Puglia will always have a place in your heart and for sure you will always be welcome to return!

What Included

  • Accommodation 
  • All meals and drinks (breakfasts, lunches and dinners) 
  • Transport throughout the tour including airport pick up and drop off - Bari Airport
  • All activities chosen in your customised tour
  • English speaking translators 

What Not Included

  • Airfares to Bari Airport
  • Travel insurance 
  • All extra activities that are not included in your agreed itinerary


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