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La piccola scuola, Italian language and culture in Matera



Via del Corso 7
75100 matera MT


La piccola scuola was born out of two passions. Firstly: teaching Italian to foreigners. Secondly: the passion for a city- Matera.

This is our tiny school of Italian language and culture. It is as tiny as the city hosting it. A school with a family and informal atmosphere, where courses are all tailor-made according to our students' needs- a starting point to get to know Italian culture through its language, places and traditions.

Our goal is to provide a unique experience to those coming to our school, thus allowing our students to immerse themselves into the Italian language and culture and fully enjoy our city.

The school is located in the historic centre of Matera, between the “piano” [flat area] and the Sassi [the houses dug into the calcarenitic rock]. The students will have access to a free wi-fi network as well as magazines and newspapers that can be borrowed throughout their stay in Matera.

In addition to this, the event calendar regarding the local cultural scene is made available, together with the cultural activities and day trips programme.



Whether students are having a long or a short-term course at La piccola scuola, our goal is to put our students directly in contact with Italian language and culture. All classes will be held in Italian to develop the student's will and skill to use Italian for communication purposes, learning how to speak, write, listen and read. This is why our teaching material ranges from extracts from fictional novels and newspaper articles, songs, videos and movies. There surely are fun activities, to better remember vocabulary and main grammar rules while playing games.

What Included

La piccola scuola offers two kind of italian language classes: intensive group courses and individual courses.

What Not Included

La piccola scuola does not provide accomodation or extra activities.


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