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Italy Magazine claims to be the number one site for all things Italian that people of England love. Naturally Italian, a beautiful sounding language, is featured here and one can learn the language through the website or in person with ESL language studies abroad programmes. Learn Italian in Italy through ESL partner schools located in Florence, Bologna, Rome, Torino and other popular cities and experience Italian culture in all its aspects. Educational tourism arranged by ESL worldwide offers you an easy to learn Italian in Italy, interact confidently with the locals and understand the rich cultural heritage of that country.

Learn Italian in Italy in any of its beautiful cities. There are partner schools in the above mentioned places as well as in Milan, Sienna, Syracuse, Tropea, Salerno and of course, the jewel of Italy and Europe: Venice. In addition to having world class language school Venice has so many other attractions that a student might be forgiven for wanting to stay here longer. This is quite possible since ESL courses are structured into various courses including standard, combined and an art history course split into various levels. In the prime language school Venice offers, one can start at the beginner level and go on to the advanced levels, gaining a proficiency that rivals native speakers of Italian. Students get to sample Italian cuisine, explore the charming waterways, browse the Rialto markets, laze away at the Lido or drink in the abundance of arts and culture in Venice. It is just as beautiful by day as it is by night and one could be partying for quite a while before eventually returning to their host family or the Foresteria Redentore arranged for students by the school.

If you wish to Learn Italian in Italy there are equally attractive destinations like Rome, Florence, Milano and Torino, each with its special culture and way of life. Beautiful balmy weather, lovely food, a lively population and plenty of things to do and see give you a kaleidoscope of experiences while you spend a few hours each day polishing your Italian language skills in the ESL partner schools. These language schools are said to follow a uniformly high code of teaching in an interactive way, have world class facilities and in addition to teaching the language, organize leisure activities that help students gain conversational language skills within a short time. It is well worth exploring this aspect of edu-tourism when it has so much to offer, giving more than full value for money.


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